Asset Declaration: CCT dismisses Saraki’s motion asking judge to disqualify self


The Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) has today dismissed an application by Senate President Bukola Saraki asking the Chairman of the Tribunal to disqualify himself from hearing his trial.

In a ruling on the application,  the Chairman of the Tribunal said he would have disqualified himself “but for the constraints placed on the Chairman by the Constitution of Nigeria that established the Code of Conduct Tribunal.”

He said the application to recuse the Chairman has not been contemplated at the conception of the Constitution.

He said even for the President to remove the Chairman or a member of the Tribunal,  there must a written address from the president to the national assembly and a two-third consent from both chambers of the legislative.

The Chairman ruled that “the allegation of the applicant is based on mere conjecture of the media”

“The application of the defendant is not well founded and it is hereby refused”, he ruled.
Source: Daily Trust

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