CJ warns notaries public against get-rich-quick syndrome

FCT Chief Judge

The Chief Judge (CJ) of the Federal Capital Territory, Justice I.U. Bello, has charged the newly sworn-in notaries public of the Supreme Court to be wary of the temptation to get quick riches in the discharge of their responsibilities.

He advised that they should not be drawn by any dubious means that would make them derail from the code of conduct of a notary public.

While congratulating the 24 new notaries public, he said the oath they have taken meant they have assumed additional responsibilities within the realm of their chosen career.

The CJ noted that it was an onerous task with a heavy burden that required probity and honesty in the discharge of the responsibilities.

Justice Bello said the notaries public were now “legally clothed with the authority to endorse documents of high sensitive nature; ranging from contractual agreements or other instruments like deeds of assignments, power of attorney, and the likes.”

A notary public is a public officer, usually a practising solicitor or attorney, appointed for life by Supreme Court, and given statutory powers to witness documents, administer oaths, prepare and certify powers of attorney, wills, deeds, contracts and other legal documents and perform other wide-ranging administrative functions of a national and international nature.

He reminded them of their duties and social responsibilities to the society as lawyers and urged them to be seen by all to be discharging these responsibilities through the additional title they have acquired.

Responding on behalf of the new notaries public, the President of Law, Media and Social Justice Development Initiative, Barrister Charles Odenigbo, thanked the Chief Judge and said they would not disappoint in the discharge of the new responsibilities given to them.

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