NBA President sets up Reconciliation C’mittee for NBA Abuja Branch


The president of the Nigerian Bar Association, A.B Mahmoud, SAN, OON has set up a reconciliation committee for  the NBA Abuja branch. Members of the committee includes

  1. Kanu G. Agabi, SAN CON
  2. Offiong Effiong Bassey Effiong SAN
  3. Olabisi Oluyemi Soyebo SAN

The Committee members are charged with the following mandate:

  1. ‎Intervene urgently to ensure that matters do not degenerate further
  2. Examine the immediate and remote causes of the crisis
  3. Reconcile parties involved in the dispute
  4. Where an amicable resolution is not feasible to make any appropriate recommendation to me on the best way to achieve a lasting solution to the dispute.
  5. The committee is to take all necessary steps to deem appropriate in the interim to preserve the affairs of the branch and to keep the branch secretariat functioning.

In view of the above mandate, the Reconciliation committee has called on the members of the branch to within 48 hours forward  memoranda which aims at addressing the following issues:

  1. Immediate and remote causes of the crisis.
  2. The authority of the branch to disqualify a candidate seeking election to an office in the branch and the circumstances under which the authority may be exercised having regard particularly to the instant case.
  3. The authority of the Nigerian bar association to set aside an election conducted by the branch of the association and if such authority is found to exist whether it has been properly exercised in the instant case.
  4. If the NBA has authority to set aside an election conducted by branch and whether it can do so without hearing all the parties and in the instant case whether all the parties were so heard.
  5. Whether there are any pending actions in court and if so the extent to which the reconciliation committee can go.
  6. The extent to which the reconciliation committee may implement item 5 of its terms of reference having regard to extant decision of NBA NEC.
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