Notice to all Legal Practitioners from the Supreme Court


The Supreme Court of Nigeria has issued directives to all Legal Practitioners in respect of a common email as a means of communicating and corresponding with the Supreme Court in respect of both pending and fresh matters before the Supreme Court.

Lawyers are advised to activate their email in this regards. The directive reads:


Pursuant to the amendment to the Supreme Court Rules by the end of this year, all communications, correspondences and notices related to matters, fresh or pending at the Supreme Court of Nigeria shall only be via the official electronic mail(e-mail).

The National Judicial Council (NJC) through the Judicial Information Technology Policy Committee (JITPC) has laid the infrastructure. Approval for the official email is on-going. Some lawyers are already using the mail. All legal practitioners who are yet to activate their email should please do so.It will be impossible to practice at the Supreme Court and very soon all Superior Courts of Record without the official email.

For further enquiries visit the Nigerian Bar Association Website ( or call 09084445444 or send an email to


Chief Registrar

Supreme Court of Nigeria

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