The Poetic Side: LAW (Lex non cogit ad impossiblia)

Scales of Justice background - legal law concept


(Lex non cogit ad impossiblia)

I call law not just an ass,

It is the world’s only compass

Pointing its many fingers

To all the fields of man’s life.


I call law the Devil’s advocate

Yet, God’s only syndicate—

A bow in the hands of Devil;

An arrow in grinding grip of God.

Advocatus dei

Advocatus diaboli

The Alpha of the flame

The Omega of the Paradise.


Law is Themis

With the blindfold hovering over

Just one eye,

And freeing the other for the initiates—

Yet, sword and scales in hands

To pass a judgment fair.


I call law the master and slave,

A phenomenon with double standard

With all kinds of chameleonic brands.

Green is thy colour in Spring

Yellowish brown is it in Autumn.

Father of stability

Father of instability

The certain that is uncertain

The uncertain that is certain.


Law is the inseparable Siamese twins

A wound that digs deep

Into the innocent heart of Peter

To revive Paul from his guilty sleep.

Its fact could sum up to its fiction

Its fiction could add up to its fact.


I call law the pendulum

Of all times of existence—

A determiner that will not determine,

A verb that hangs its action,

An adjective that postpones its qualification,

A hypocrite pronoun that shields identity;

Until it has conspicuously seen

Whom its object to act upon be.


Law a confusion

Law a commotion

Law a dispute conciliator

Law an arbitrator…

A sentence without a full stop.

A question with double question marks??


Law a hangman

Law an executioner

Law a technician

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Law a politician

A creator with exclusive right to kill

A bow in the hands of the Devil

An arrow in the grip of God.

-Bolaji St.RAMOS

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