Widow Sue Lawyer Over Non Payment for Cloth


A widow Mrs. Florence Olayinka Badejo has dragged a member of the noble profession, Bar. Usiobafoh Daniel Esogban to court over his  alleged deliberate refusal to pay for fabrics and textile materials worth N137,500.00.

DNL spoke with Mrs. Florence at the last hearing of the case where she explained that the materials were sold to Bar. Esogban since 2015.

“the whole thing started when he came to my shop sometime around June 2015 and introduced himself as a lawyer and also gave me his complimentary card.”

“He then bought fabrics and textile materials worth N147,000 and told me he had just N10,000 cash but that he would give me cheque for  the balance of N137,500. I told him to write in my son’s name, which he did”

“I didn’t know that he deliberately used wrong signature on the cheque and it bounced.”

“That was the beginning of my predicament.” ” I only gave him the goods because he introduced himself as a lawyer and gave me his complimentary card. I never knew he was a swindler” the widow lamented.

The suit with No. MCL/1381/2016 is presently at the Igbosere Magistrate Court No. 14. According to the Statement of Claim, Bar. Esogban bought the following items from the widow:

(a) 5 yards of velvet for ladies for the sum of 35,000.000 (Thirty Five Thousand Naira)

(b) Ten yards of Swiss Guinea for the sum of N50,000.00 (Fifty Thousand Naira)

(c) 5 yards of Red Guinea for a sum of N27,000 (Twenty Seven Thousand Naira) and

(d) 5 yards of material locally known as Atiku for a sum of N35,000 (Thirty Five Thousand Naira). All of which amounted to a sum of N147,000.00.

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Moved by the widow’s story, DNL spoke with counsel to the Claimant, Bar. Romanus Eze who confirmed the story and explained further that Mrs. Florence has recently lost her husband and is in dare financial difficulty having lost everything during her late husband’s illness. He told us that his law firm took up the case on a probono basis after listening to her pathetic story.

Bar. Eze further explained that  Bar. Esogban’s attitude has been everything but noble. He said that as professional colleagues his firm,  Wale Taiwo & Co made several efforts to approach Bar. Esogban to pay the poor widow to no avail. “Ironically, in one of such occasion when my law firm called him, he claimed he had travelled to Dubai.” He is deliberately evading everyone”

“Even to serve processes on him at his office has been a herculean task” “We have filed motion for substituted service of our summary summons which we intend to argue at the next adjourned date.”  “Its really unfortunate” The lawyer explained.

Click the link below to view Florence’s Claim

Florence Olayinka Badejo v Usiobafoh Daniel Esogban – Particulars of Claim

When we see cases like this in court we wish to wake up to hear it was all a misunderstanding.

It should be a noble profession!!!

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