Che Oyinatumba Petitions Nigeria Police, DSS, Against Nnamdi Kanu’s Lawyer

Maxwell Opara and Nnamdi Kanu

A Lawyer and radical activist popularly known as Che Oyinatumba has called  for the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu’s Lawyer, Mr. Maxwell Opara.

In a petition dated 23rd September, 2017 the radical lawyer petitioned the Police and DSS against Mr. Maxwell  over what he termed “his criminal activities, threat to life, accusation of murder and activities capable of causing break down of law and order.

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Confirming the petition, Che’ Oyinatunba took to his social blog, “The Periscope to explain in details why he petitioned the DSS against Maxwell Opara.

Read his uncut blog post below:

Against my better judgment but in defense of my family honor, I have written a petition to the Nigeria Police Force against Maxwell Opara, Esq for belonging to a terrorist group called Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and called for his immediate arrest.

Maxwell Opara, knows where Nnamdi Kanu is hiding as he on the 13th of September posted on facebook that he was in Afara-Ukwu, the country home of Nnamdi Kanu. This is two clear days before the official commencement of Operation Python Dance (ii)-Egwu Eke.

Minutes after this his boast, Nnamdi Kanu disappeared and uptil date, Nigerian Army is still in search of Nnamdi Kanu; a search that had caused untold hardship to the people of South East, especially those living in the commercial town of Aba and Umuahia the Abia state capital.
I would have kept my cool in the face of his empty ranting but when he stated that “my mother frustrated my father to death”, “that madness runs in my family” and threatened my wife, I have no option to seek protection from the Nigeria Police Force.

Maxwell Opara, Esq, used exact phrases that were used by one Silas Joseph Onu the administrator of a WhatsApp group called Open Bar Initiative (OBI) on or about the 18th Day of August, 2017. I chose to merely reply Silas Joseph Onu and left it at that. Silas Joseph Onu, is believed among Uni Jos students to have forged Senate President Pius Anyim’s letter to assist him in getting admission into faculty of law. I have asked him to clear this air but he has refused and each time I raise it, he takes to insulting my family in one of his infantile write-ups in Open Bar Initiative WhatsApp group.

On Friday September 23rd 2017, I guess emboldened by my refusal to take Silas Joseph Onu up to substantiate all the tissues of lies he fabricated against me, Maxwell wrote his own and used the same WhatsApp group to publish it.

I do not belong to this WhatsApp group but intelligence I gathered reveals that there are eminent lawyers and Senior Advocates of Nigeria in this WhatsApp group. I feel scandalized that such men of honor will be there and read the kind of stuff Maxwell Opara Esq wrote, without raising the red flag and calling him to order. It was very few junior lawyers that opposed Silas Joseph Onu’s attack on me. I hope I am not seeing the case of children sent to steal by their parents boldly breaking the neighbours doors knowing that they have got the backing of their fathers, who are police officers?

I have known both Maxwell and Silas Joseph Onu for over 5 years both  professionally and socially. They had treacherously partnered me during one or two struggles for social justice, particularly against CAC but being men, they sold out when it paid them to align with the oppressor. Silas Onu broke ranks with us in one of our planned protest against poor service delivery at CAC and we truly believe that he was given brief by CAC for playing the Judas. I dare him and CAC to publish all communications between them particularly names of firms CAC had fanned out briefs to.

I also met and advised Maxwell Opara, when he was shopping for a political party to use to contest his ill-fated ambition to become House of Reps Member representing Abuja North. Then I was FCT Labour Party Chairman, I met him in a boys quarter he was living at in Gwarimpa, I went with Moses Harrison, then Gwagwalada Chairman of Labour Party.

Maxwell wanted Labour Party ticket but we told him of the faction in our party after the Akure Convention at the wake of Mimiko defecting to PDP. I remember telling him that A.A. Salam Baraden Piko, then factional and NLC/TUC not recognized national Chairman of LP.That LP despite having the prefix Labour, is not a truly made up of workers. Mind you, Chief Dan Nwanyanwu had sold the party ticket to any politician devoid of workers ideology, so long as he can pay. We had Ayo Fayose, Ifeanyi Uba, Andy Uba, Dariye etc being LP flag bearers in one election or the other.

Maxwell had wanted to use the Nigerian workers as his base, since he thought he was popular based on his appearance in a radio program called Hembelembe anchored by ordinary President Ahmed Isah. How did they part ways? Was there allegations of financial un-accountability or was it using the program to feather his own nest?

We told him to look for a nationalistic and nationwide based party to use but he refused, went to APGA and while in APGA. I told him he will lose the election as most Igbos in Dei-dei he was relying on their votes, did not register to vote in Abuja. I have been proven right.

Could these be why they have deep rooted bitterness against me, to the extent that they shameless lie against me and my family; lies a simply call or googling my family name will debunk?

This unfortunate recurring attack on my family by men who are supposed to be learned gentlemen, started when their candidate for 2018 NBA Presidential election sort and did not get my support. He sent unsolicited WhatsApp chat to my wife and my wife called him to stop intruding into her privacy with any NBA political issues.

After this, his boys periodically pick on my family particularly when I make posts or comments based on purely NBA Politics. They refuse to address issues I raised and throw in my family into the mix, thinking that such will distract me.

I still maintain that it is only a child who did not run an errand well, that runs away at the sight of his father. Their candidate, Afam Osigwe,Esq the immediate past General Secretary of NBA, became NBA General Secretary in 2014-16 after Eastern Bar Forum (EBF) endorsed and adopted him as their sole candidate. The Constitution of EBF to which Afam Osigwe belongs to, clearly stated its procedure for endorsing a candidate when any post is allocated to the zone by NBA. EBF, is made of Abia, Akwa Ibom, Anambra, Bayelsa, Cross River, Eboyi, Enugu, Imo and Rivers (the old Eastern region.)

Each time I ask why is Afam afraid to go home and face his brothers particularly now that one Paul Usoro, SAN from Akwa Ibom had shown interest, I get my family thrown in instead of addressing the issues I raised. As at today, there are about 4 igbo men from the Igbo states against Paul Usoro from Akwa-cross and who says that he will not defeat them if the 4 of them refuse to close ranks, subject themselves to EBF constitution, convention and traditions which was instrumental to the production of Afam Osigwe as General Secretary? Or is someone deliberately playing a script to deny ndi igbo opportunity to produce NBA President so that he/she can start agitation for Biafra Bar Association?

Truth be told, the malicious introduction, mention and publication of falsehood about my family have caused me some discomfort at home but I married my wife and she knew what she was getting into. I have remained consistently aluta conscious and have no desire to change in this approaching twilight of my colorful life.

Ashimole Felix, Esq

Che Oyinatumba;

General Secretary, Ohaneze Youth Forum.

Source: The Periscope

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