My 5 Striking Pictures as a Law Student – Adeyemi Sodiq #LSSMC



I took this picture on the first day I resumed school in RSUST in  port Harcourt… It was the day u went to register my General studies… When I got there, the queue was very intimidating… I had no other option but to join the queue…. I stayed in the queue for up to 2,hours…. It was after I finished registering my Gst at the general studies department, that I took this picture, because I was very happy I have finished registering my Gst  101, 102, 111 & 112….. Indeed I was happy… After everything I went back to my hostel by 5:00pm…


It was my first Sunday in my fellowship. I was one of the first persons to be in fellowship that day(Casor fellowship), maybe because I was a new commer in the fellowship…. Before the fellowship praise and worship started, the church was filled to the brim… But when the new commers were asked to stand up for recognition, I was so shy… But I had to stand…. And at the end of the service, the new comers were specially treated… Im so happy to be a member of Casor, RSUST, Port Harcourt.


I took this picture on the day I first went to the school main library…. Even before I became a student of River State university of Science and Technology, I had been hearing of the school main library-how its stocked with books, enough facilities, a serene environment…indeed, the library was first of his kind… I took this picture on a Saturday, because the library opens even on Saturdays, albeit between 9am to 12am ,as opposed to the normal 9am to 4:30am on week days. Ever since that day, I have been a regular fan and visitor of our main library..


I had taken this picture on my first day of staying in my hostel… On my 2 weeks of resumption, I stayed in my friend’s place… He was in 200l then.. The place was so conducive that I even wished I was the one staying in the hostel… Albeit, that was not the main reason I had decided to sojourn in his place for 2weeks after resumption, it was because my hostel was quite far off the main campus… After, I relocated to my room, I went to buy things to decorate my room… I bought carpet, curtain, foot match… I bought  plate, pot and other kitchen utensils for cooking… My affable neighbours had warmly received me with great joy..


I took this very picture on the day I finished my first semester exams… I was so overwhelmed with joy that I was getting close to 200l…. The exams was fun, apart from Legal Methods……  My lecturers set the questions when they were very annoyed, perhaps…. All my course mates complained of how difficult the exams was… Although we tried our best, when the result was out, the best was having 62…… So, on the day I took this picture, I was so happy that I was planning to travel home on the next day…

Name: Adeyemi Sodiq
University: River State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt.

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