My 5 Striking Pictures as a Law Student – Anthony Akintola #LSSMC

Anthony Akintola

I feel very happy seeing this picture of mine. It reminds me of the final year gettogether of the 2015/2016 academic session. I really enjoyed the graduation party of those my senior colleagues when I was in 100 level.

The graduation party was fun as there were much drink and food on tables…. It was packed with great fun… I took many pictures that day with the graduating students. This is one the pictures I took alone.

Whenever I see this picture, a sense of fulfillment always run through me… The reason is that when I was in 100 level, this was the hostel I stayed…. The hostel was so old and dilapidated.. I had no other options but to stay in this hostel because there was many exigencies to take care of- school fees, pocket money, and many other things… I stayed in the hostel because I have this feeling of contentment. The hostel has no light and bad surroundings. But after 100 level, I worked hard to raise my standard.

This was the day I finished my semester exams in 100level.. I can still remember, my last exams was English Studies 106. The exams was very easy. The day was very rainy.  I took this picture immediately I returned from the exams.. A sense of ecstasy ran through me because I was very confident that God had helped me in writing the semester exams. I was then counting my A’s especially in the last exams (ELS 106).

I took this photograph on the day of the CLASFON dinner/ handing over… I always loved going to dinner parties when I was in 100 & 200 level.. CLASFON dinner was the best… I have always enjoyed been a member of CLASFON… The weekly meetings and fellowship has been second to none. May God bless my outgoing excos, they were so so wonderful.

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As far as the breath of mortality remains in me, I can never forget this picture.. This picture was taken in a red letter day…. In fact, I always use this picture to mark the day.. It was the day of the executives handing over in my  fellowship, final year dinner party and workers induction. In fact, if u were not there, it will be difficult for me to paint the colourful pictures of that day… But I know the day was a day of splendor.
Long live Winners Chapel, OAU, Ile-Ife!

Long live OAU ,Ile-Ife!

Name: Anthony Akintola

School: Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State.


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