My 5 Striking Pictures as a Law Student – Imagbe Rebecca #LSSMC


Picture 1

Law students Association week is no doubt the most interesting, memorable and stress-relived event in the curriculum of law students in the University of Benin. It is an uncommon period when you will see both the most intelligent and “less-serious” students dinning and winning together. UNIBEN Faculty of Law syllabus is so encompassing, time consuming and interesting. Therefore, students often take full advantage of this period to ease off pressure and have loads of fun. This is not surprising because there is a popular saying that “All work and no play make jack a dull boy” This portrait is a proof of that saying, and it reminds me of the end of Academic session. What a splendid way to have legal fun!

Picture 2

Before I was given admission to pursue Law at the Faculty of Law University of Benin, I was informed by a cousin who graduated from the faculty that being a UNIBEN law student, you have to read! read! and read your way through. Though I had a burning passion to study law and become a lawyer, I was nevertheless almost discouraged of her emphasis. It was until I was admitted that I came to realize that the life of a law student is “boring” without having a social life. It was so serious with me that I could read all my way through the weekend, my neighbor will always wonder if I was in the hostel. But on this very weekend I decided to defile the rule by visiting an old friend of mine at UNIBEN Ekenwa Campus and took this portrait.


Picture 3

This photo shot speaks volume of my unquantifiable joy during my matriculation day. It was indeed an event I had waited for so dearly. i was unfortunate several years with admission, in fact, it was on 3 good occasions that I wrote post UTME without been rewarded with admission. It was due to these several setbacks that made every single member of my family came out massively to felicitate with me when I was finally offered admission to study law at the Faculty of Law, University of Benin. It was a day to remember because it was the beginning of the journey of a thousand miles.

Picture 4

Success they say never come by accident but meritorious effort. This image will forever linger on my mind because it was a memory of a rewarding effort. It was on a bright Thursday morning, I had a class postponed by our constitutional law lecturer. Since I am not the library type, i decided to stay back in the hostel. Suddenly, my phone rang, upon checking the caller, I realized It was my course rep calling. I instantly thought the lecture is on, but it was information I wasn’t expecting. To my greatest surprised, i was informed that our First semester result have been pasted on the notice board, and that i performed marvelously well. I immediately rushed to the bathroom, took my bath and dashed down to the Faculty to witness the “marvelously well results” lo and behold, it was indeed the best result of my class. I was overwhelmed with joy and took several lovely snap.

Picture 5

There is this fallacy that law students are proud and arrogant on one hand, and are often respected by their peers in any gathering on the other hand. Though I never believe in this saying, it was until I became personally involved that I understood it.i was on my way to my hostel after a stressful friday while i was going to my hostel, an argument arose among some of my hostel mate, in a bid to settle their diffrencess, i got a share of the fallacy that law students are always proud and arrogant. I took a portrait at that spot pretending i never heard her envious comment.

Name: Imagbe Rebecca Oghogho

School: University of Benin

Level: 200

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