My 5 Striking Pictures as a Law Student – Pelumi Williams


Number 1

My First day in school was one of the most significant day of my life. I remembered vividly how I walked round the previous faculty of law. I was so delighted that my long awaited dream of becoming a LAWYER is gradually coming to a reality. At a point, I patiently watched every single soul that walked in and out of the faculty. I was obviously looking like a well-known stranger, seeing law students in their white and black attires blew my mind to the fullest. I can’t help but wait till 4:00pm at the entrance of the faculty. I was carried away with the overwhelming structures of the faculty. Little did I know that one of the security guard had noticed my strange novice look. He walked directly towards my direction where I was sited and questioned me if I was looking for anybody. Though I was nervous and naive at first, I later summoned momentum and responded with a very nervous voice that ‘ no sir ! I am newly admitted to read Law in this faculty, and decided to take a look around. He thereupon shook hand with me and congratulated me with a benevolent smile. It was at the point of my leaving that I decided to take this memorable snap!

Number 2

This picture reminds me of the day of my matriculation. Though, I took countless of pictures with my parents, brothers, sisters, siblings, friends and Well wishers. I was magnanimous with myself to take a personal shot. I can’t be in haste to forget the uniqueness of this photo event. The picture speaks volume of my overwhelming joy being a law student. Seeing everybody around was a thing of joy to me. Even after the matriculation ceremony, I was so obsessed of the shot that I will always glance through the pictures on my phone just to make sure this particular shot is kept intact. It was as a result of my gladness that I had to upload the picture on my Facebook wall. This is a picture i will always live to remember so long as I draw breath. I will always appreciate God for this humble beginning. I will always look back on how I started my legal journey at the prestigious university of Benin.

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Number 3

This image reminds me of a moot and mock trials at the prestigious faculty of law, University of Benin. It was after an intense competition between my chambers and the leading chambers in the faculty that I deem it expedient to take this shot. For those who graduated, schooling or have relatives in UNIBEN Faculty of Law will understand the blazing atmosphere of moot and mock trials in university of Benin. Moot and mock trials is one of the most observed religious activities that is peculiar to the faculty of law University of Benin. The faculty prides its shoulder high among other faculties of law In Nigeria. Students in the faculty over the years, have been honored with countless of prestigious awards In national and international moot court competitions. It was as a result of this recognition that the legal world still mourns one of the faculty most finest advocate and orator CEASAR EKEOBA aka Dominus litus. Interestingly, the vibrant and super packed computer student (Ceasar Ekeoba) who represented the country in an international moot competition in United States of America. Died few years after his return from the “Jess-up International Moot Competition in U. S. A. What a great faculty! what an event! and what a memorable day!

Number 4

I remembered vividly during the preparation of my 200 level second semester examination, the faculty of law was preparing for the faculty LAWSA dinner that is :Law Students Association dinner. Though, the dinner is observed in every faculty of law in Nigeria, it is always a special moments for the final year students who are at the verge of bidding farewell to the faculty in preparation to move on to the next phase of their career at the Nigeria Law School. It was on a raining Friday and the Faculty Law dinner was to take place in one of the prestigious guess house in Benin-City. Myself and some of my Faculty Clique was set for the Law dinner. Little did I know that I will eventually not be a part of that event. The event had always been a memorable one that every Law student is anxiously looking forward to. The beauty of that event was the keynote speakers such as :the then Governor of Edo State (Comrade Adams Oshomole) Chief judge of Edo state, the Attorney General of Edo state, distinguished senior learned colleagues at the bar, two senior advocates and of course dance! dance!! dance!!! segment the students can’t wait to have. As soon as I entered the hall of the event, I met the shock of my life when I was told my hair style did not comply with the dress code, and I was denied entry. I even thought it was a joke, not until the then Dean coincidentally walked in at that moment when the argument was on. He categorically told me if I know what is good for myself, I should go and loosen my hair or I evaporate from the premises. I had no choice than to immediately leave the premises. I contemplated of removing my newly fixed hair weave-on, but I can’t imagine wasting the expensive sum I had expended in making my gorgeous look

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Number 5 

For those who attended Federal Universities, especially university of Benin will attest to the dynamic nature of religious activities on campus. It was the beginning of my 300 level semester, I had just been appointed as the assistant sister coordinator of winners campus fellowship in school. We were informed towards the end of previous session to get prepared and resume very earlier in order to prepare ahead for the huge task ahead of us being the executive members of the fellowship. That instruction continue to echo on my mind. I resumed a week to the school official resumption date, we had to prepare physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally in anticipation of the huge task ahead. Upon resumption, it was so difficult combining academics works and getting along with fellowship organization. Though, it was a very hectic session, but I was able to push through the session without any regret. The picture above always remind me of a huge relief of my fellowship position and responsibilities as the sister coordinator of Winners Fellowship.It was indeed a year to remember and a taste of leadership.

Name: Pelumi Williams

School: University of Benin 

Level: 300 level 

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