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Life in school has been very memorable since I gained admission in 2014, especially on my matriculation day which was on 3rd of February, 2015. I am sharing my five striking pictures as a Law Student.

On the day of my matriculation, I took this picture, and a whole lot of pictures with friends, family and love ones. On that day, I bathed in a whole bug of enjoyment, merriment and joy.

The day began with a morning session prayer in my fellowship, Baptist Students Fellowship, after which, I and other matriculants were prayed for by the senior student pastor. From whence, we all match to our fellowship stand in the school event centre/ auditorium. We were made to act dramas, sing and partake in some other fellowship activities. The day was indeed very memorable for me. My new course mates were all desiring to have some group photographs with me, maybe because I was the representative of the class. My Legal Methods lecturer, Barr Benson Edike, gave me #5,000 to pay for the group photographs I and my course mates would be taking with the school vice-chancellor,  Dean of students, my faculty dean, chairman of NBA, Oleh campus, pro chancellor and some other top personalities.

The day was indeed so memorable for me that I can never forget in a hurry. We went to swim in a beach (I and my course mates). We went for light refreshment in the school canten. We divided ourselves into various groups for the purposes of playing games like chess, football, volleyball; quiz competition, that was organized by the president of my faculty.

I returned to my hostel by 10pm, after the outings. At the end of the day, I was so so tired,yet very joyous and fulfilled. The day is really a nice day to be always remembered.

I remember vividly that I took this picture on my first day of resumption. That was the day I was so eager to attend my Legal Method  class in Oleh.  Unknowing to me, I thought I could just wear a pair of black trousers, short sleeved white, and a black tie, without the black jacket. When I got the class on that faithful, my Legal Method lecturer then, Barr Keyson Udekwe drove me back. I felt so embarrassed. I had to defend myself anyway. I had told him I was oblivious that law students put on jacket( wear complete suit). He told me something I did not know the meaning until very recently. He spoke the Latin maxim ‘ ignorantia juris nemenem excusat ‘ meaning ignorance of the law that is stated in Section 22 of the Criminal Code, Cap 34.

To me all those things were all Greek. They were all Greek to me.  I rushed to my hostel to put on my suit jacket. This I did with the speed of light, because I never wanted to miss my class for anything. Luckily for me, I stayed in an old hostel very close to the school. When I got to the hostel, I did not even have time to answer my friends and neighbours who were all calling me

“small barrister”..

When I got to the class, my lecturers Messrs Keyson and Donald were already ceasing the shoes of my course mates who were not compliant in there various dressing.  Indeed, I said to myself that I narrowly escaped punitive measures.

My lecturer taught the topic ‘classification of law’ in legal method. I was indeed fulfilled at the end of day, though I was screamingly enervated.  It was when I returned from class on that fateful day.. I was high euphoric that I was a new law student of the so much cherished Delta State University, Oleh campus..

On the day, I took this photograph of myself, I was in a picnic gathering with my course mates in a beach around Abraka. It was a day I can never forget. As part of the programmes to usher the new intakes in Faculty of Law, Oleh Campus, the President of Law Students Association of Nigeria, Oleh Campus, put many programmes in place. Some of the programmes are, the swimming competition in a swimming pool, Prison Visitations, Moot and mock trial sessions, two days early morning prayer session and so many others I have already forgotten.

The day that was set aside for prison visitation was a Saturday. The day was so boring. So so boring to me. Nothing, I mean nothing caught my interest. The reason is however not farfetched, I never wanted to follow my course mates to the prisons. But by coercion, i went. My LAWSA president and my legal Method lecturer had made it mandatory and compulsory for all the new intake of the faculty of law to participate in all the activities, especially the prison visitation.  The reason for my initial hesitation to go  was not farfetched,   do not like to see persons that are suffering. When, I entered inside the prison, I could not help but share money to the prisoners after seeing the great deal of punitive measures and huge punishment they were undergoing. I felt So bad… I pitied for them. Though the punishment was legal, yet some of them were innocent. Even those that was not innocent, there were panoply of factors that propelled them into being anti- legal rules and regulations, thereby committing crimes.

The next day after the prison visitation was the picnic. It was the day  I and even all my course mates were waiting anxiously to see. The day was indeed so blissful.  We ate, drank, had fun.. Indeed, that was the most beautiful day I have ever had since my stay as a law student  in the Faculty of law, Oleh campus. I was so so happy, that was the day I got to know most of my course mates and their names.

 During the  fun gallow, I took this picture I cannot forget and lose in this life!

Wow, whenever, I see this picture, I am always filled with joy and great happiness. Whenever I see this picture, I remember my kind, beautiful and handsome and above all, my wonderful fellowship members.

Since my 100days, I have been a member of Baptist Students Fellowship. I can sincerely say that the experience was mind blowing. I was a member of the Editorial Unit, we were in charged of the keeping of the fellowship books safely, and handling or organizing academic activities within the fellowship. Although, initially I intended to join the Choir Unit(Glorious Choir Crew) but by a sheer quirk of faith, I found myself in the Editorial Unit.

My unit has three classes of activities every semester. Firstly, when we newly for the semester, fellowship retreat commences. The fellowship retreat takes about two weeks, comprising fasting and prayer session, praise, other displays by members and nonmembers of my fellowship alike. I really enjoyed the experience. It was on that awesome occasion that I took this picture.

After the retreat, normal and usual fellowship activities commences. Indeed, the period shortly after the fellowship retreat has not been going down well with me. This because of the back-to-back rehearsals that follows. At a time, I would not even have time for my studies.

The second class of activities is the mid semester love dinner that’s organized always by my fellowship department.  The love dinner is always very interesting that I don’t always want to miss it for anything. During the love dinner, we all cook and bring different varieties of food from our different hostels. Funny, it would sound that I was so determined to have a taste of virtually all the food before going back to my hostel. It was indeed awesome!

After the love feast, towards the end of the semester, a general dinner is organized by the fellowship generally for all the members of the different fellowship. This one is also memorable . I have always loved it. During the fellowship dinner, I have always personally invited my friends, hostel neighbours, and course mates to the event, where we all took group photographs, though most of the group photographs has been misplaced.

In summary, I have really and always enjoyed my stay on campus as a member of Baptist students Fellowship, DELSU, Oleh campus.

Going back to the memory lane, I had taken this picture when I was in 100level. It was the first day I took part in moot court competition in the Faculty of Law, in Delta State University, Oleh.  being a law student, as I had been counseled by most of my lecturers in lecturing involves two major aspects- the advocacy and the academics.  I have learnt that an aspiring lawyer must be good in advocacy as well as in academics.

Just as it is popularly said, examination is really not the true test of knowledge. There were times when having prepared very well, I wrote my semester exams, yet the results was quite below the expectations and cut.  I was not deterred, because I understood there were many factors that interplay in the success or favour of a student during semester examinations.

On the other hand, I was nicknamed the ‘messi’ of advocacy. When it comes to moot court competitions, nobody, whether my junior or senior colleagues dragged the winner with me.

In all the moot court competitions that I took part in, I came out top and most times, awards of excellence, awards of advocacy , awards of Achievements etc. were all awarded to me. On this day that I took this picture, I came out top in the inter moot court competition that involved my school and six other neighboring universities. I was very happy when I was given an award plaque, that I decided to snap a picture.

Being good in skills of advocacy is quite enviable and rewarding that I will advise upcoming law students to learn the skills of advocacy fast and very well. In my 100 level  days, I was always seen taking part in mooting. Thus, as a result, I was a awarded the best advocate of the year, 2014.

Name: Udoka Chukwuemeka Kelly

University: Delta State University, Oleh

Level: 300L

Mail: Udokaonyisi@Gmail.Com

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