My 5 Striking Pictures as a Law Student – Salaudeen Zulfah Arike #LSSMC

Salaudeen Zulfah Arike

Law is a noble profession, lawyers are notable people in the society. They are also the conscience of the society.

Law is one of the prestigious courses in the world. Being a law student on campus is something alluring and attractive to other students. The regulatory dress which is black and white make law students distinctive and unique on campus.

My stay on campus as a law student defines my physical personality.I need not tell a person am a law student before he or she knows . other students on campus have this wrong impression about law students. “Law students are arrogant”.

Every law student on campus has his or her own encounter with other students with little or no difference.

Ranging from natural beefs from students studying courses related to law to those that will see law students and get angry unreasonably. Those that will never admit that law students are intelligent set of students. While some students feel intimidated with black and white.

Law students on campus have this natural “shoulder pad” and people take that to mean “pride”.

I mistakenly stepped on a girl while walking on campus and immediately I felt remorseful but the girl replied angrily saying ” what the hell is wrong with law students, whenever they are on white and black they are not in their right senses”. I wanted to bridle my tongue but my anger was uncontrollable as I fired back and insulted her.

What transpired between us, any other student could have done . She hissed and walked away. I don’t give a damn!

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The interesting part is that they believe law students should know everything. We are being tagged ” island of knowledge “. I feel honored when I am in a gathering of students, the preference given to me as a law student.

Other students have inferiority complex, they feel or assume law students should reign supreme over them. Guys on campus found themselves lucky dating a law student while some can’t approach law students.

My stay on campus as a law student is like a coin with two sides. People quickly jump into conclusion and have wrong impression about law student.

Since other students are having inferiority complex to law students, they hold law students in high esteem, making us feel like  special creatures from heaven. I wasn’t astonished when I overheard a woman saying “the only course people should be scared of is medicine and medicine is far better than law . law isn’t hard but law students are making people feel its hard.

She also said why are law students carrying law on their head as if it’s their ticket to gain entry to Paradise. I looked at her and I observed she’s an illiterate. Besides, she doesn’t have a lawyer or anyone studying law in her family, she can’t know the value. It hold no water arguing with her. While some people brag on campus about having a law student as a friend. Some will be like what’s special about law but I tell them nobility comes with the profession.

Name: Salaudeen Zulfah Arike

Level: 200


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