NBA 2018 Election: AOC for Presidential Aspirants

NBA 2018 Election: AOC for Presidential Aspirants
NBA Secretariat

Yesterday, I sat down for the first time to reflect on Stirling Bank’s marketing slogan “One Customer Bank”. That slogan to me encompasses so many things and influenced this write up.

In a few months, the NBA General Election would take place. In that election, I have just ONE VOTE!. That ONE VOTE represents so many things to me. (topic for another day). I would rather not  bother myself about you thinking that my ONE VOTE would not make any difference. I would also not bother myself about the extent my ONE VOTE can go. All that is important is; I have ONE VOTE, and I intend to use my ONE VOTE to ensure that my candidate is President of the NBA come 2018. Who is my candidate?

By the time I eventually cast my ONE VOTE, I would leave the rest for history. Whether my candidate wins the election or not, I really have nothing to loose because I would be here, demanding for the dividend of my ONE VOTE!

In the event that my candidate wins, I would for the rest of his tenure in the office demand that he fulfills those promises in his manifesto which induced me to cast my ONE VOTE for him. If my candidate does not win, I would still be here, asking why the winner is not doing what my candidate would have done. Either way, an NBA President is accountable to me! I do not know about you!

So what are the requirement for my ONE VOTE?  I would require satisfactory answers to the following questions:

  1. Are Practicing Fees paid to NBA through the Supreme Court or they are paid to the Supreme Court through the NBA? Elaborate with the aid of empirical evidence. (I have been ignorant of this long enough. Now I need to use my ONE VOTE to get enlightened)
  1. Does the Supreme Court retain a fraction of Practicing Fees paid by Lawyers?
  1. If the answer to 2 is in the affirmative, to what purpose does the Supreme Court commit the Practicing Fees paid?
  1. Is membership of the NBA compulsory or  optional? Support your answer with provisions of the FRN 1999 Constitution (As Amended) and the 2015 NBA Constitution.
  1. How many foreign trips would you consider  appropriate for welfare of members of NBA?
  1. How would you resolve the internal crisis in some of the NBA Branches?
  1. How do you intend to clear the backlog of outstanding Practicing Fees due to NBA Branches?
  1. What is the size of your law firm (Number of lawyers).
  1. How much do you pay lawyers between 1-7 years post call in your law firm.
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The price for my ONE VOTE!!


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