Breaking: Airtel Declines Issuance of Conference Device to Conferees

Conference Tablet

Reports  reaching us  from the various collection centers across the country has indicated that Airtel has declined issuance of devices to lawyers across the various pick up centers.

Presently at the Silverbird pick up center, one of the Airtel staff who spoke to our correspondent claims that the instruction to stop issuance is from their head office but refused to give further reason for the directives. She rather  referred lawyers to the NBA  secretariat for more information.

The same is the case with the Airtel office in Benin where report has it that the staff have refused to issue conference materials claiming that the instruction is from the NBA secretariat.

Delegates have also complained about not being able to receive the  Conference Access Card and the availability of information regarding the next step to take.

One of the delegates who spoke with our correspondent indicated that at the Airtel pick up center at Adeola Odeku Lagos, she was given her conference device without the access card. She noted that the officials referred her to the secretariat.  According to her,  there has been no response from the conference organizers in this regard as all efforts to reach them through phones, emails and social media platforms proved abortive. “I have sent several emails but they returned undelivered, I called their phones, the numbers were switched off. I sent private Facebook and twitter messages and no response but yet they have continued to update these social media platforms meaning they just read the messages and ignore”

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There is yet no  official statement from the organizers regarding the recent development but a member of the committee who spoke to DNL Legal and Style on anonymous grounds noted that these issues are expected in conferences of these magnitudes. He assured that these issues are being addressed and an official information would be made available soon. He advised conferees to remain calm as everything is under control.

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  1. It is not really a brave new bar. Attitude and sincerity of purpose are of essence in everything you do especially where other people’s interest are concerned.

    Even if you want to do damage control, there’s a limit to keeping people in the dark and surreptitiously prevaricating; calling blue, black.

    The way the NBA has carried on with information management in the preparation of this year’s conference has made people to ignore the laudable novelty which they introduced


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