Call to Bar Postponed and Lawyers to Be are Saying its Deliberate! Find Out Why


The news of the extension  of the call to bar ceremony which was previously scheduled to hold November 28 filtered in yesterday. The would be lawyers who were already prepared to get the whole training episode done with are not only wondering why everything has always been postponed. they are also alleging that the postponement is to enable the successful passage of the new Legal Practitioners regulation Bill which would make them the first set of lawyers to undertake the proposed  2 years compulsory pupilage.

We don’t know what to make out of these their reasoning. What do you think?

See some of their lamentations below:

First it was complaint about the incessant postponment of every process of their law school:

Oseisotie Justin Akhere on facebook wrote:

*reading online* ; Call to bar has been postponedMe; God bless una ehn. first bar finals, then release of result, then screening and now the Call to bar!!!!! Council of legal education GOD BLESS UNA!!!Ehmmm National assembly dat legal profession draft bill wey dey with una so, make una just kpompi!!!! How una dey joor?

Then he was supported by Precious Fineman who wrote:

At first our exam date was scheduled for call to bar resultto be released was postponed, that one gave me a heart attack 😏.they changed our screening date.
Now they have done the same to our call to bar date.

OMG😭 😭…am not crying o pepper entered my eyes

Then this  one on Twitter took it to a completely different dimension! He says they want to wait for the provision of Section 86 of the Bill! He wrote:

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Get this: Council of Legal Education has deliberately delayed our call dates just so we are under the ambit of this new smelling law that stipulates we have to go under TWO YEARS OF PUPILAGE.

And the lamentation flowed:

What do we know!

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