Is Chief Emeka Obegolu Shedding Crocodile Tears?


Gradually, things are beginning to take political shape in the run towards the 2018 NBA General Elections. The political gladiators are beginning to overtly show where their political alienation belongs. The only note of caution is that the political interest in NBA has risen from where it used to be. A lot of members are fully interested in the on goings. Political gladiators have to think and rethink their strategies because the seemingly beat strategy may just turn out to be the last straw for the camel.

Yesterday, legal blogs shared with the public a letter written by Chief Emeka Obegolu (a former General Secretary of the NBA and the incumbent President of the ICMC). Chief Obegolu, amongst other allegations, stated that the Chief of Staff to the Office of the President of the NBA, Mr. Abdul Rasheed Muritala (popularly called Murray) openly campaigned for an undisclosed candidate and such conduct is against professional ethics which requires him (Murray) to be neutral. Chief Obegolu also questioned the creation of the office of “Chief of Staff” to the President of the NBA. He challenged the reasons why Murray has been enjoying the dues paid by members of the NBA on local and international trips. He also questioned why Murray must have an official car to himself. He called for the sack/resignation of Murray.

The first reaction to this letter is that it is an objective complaint coming from a past General Secretary of the NBA. However, a few queries question the objectivity of this letter:

  1. Is Chief Obegolu just coming to the realization that the creation of “Chief of Staff” by AB is “inappropriate”? Where is the letter he wrote complaining about the creation of that office when it was initially created?
  2. Is Chief Obegolu just becoming aware that Murray is not entitled to spend part of the funds sitting in NBA’s account?
  3. Is Chief Obegolu aware of the terms of the contract of employment between Murray and the NBA? Would the allegation leveled against Murray be a valid ground to call for his resignation/sack?
  4. Chief Obegolu mentioned Professional Ethics, which of the rules of RPC has Murray contravened for his means of livelihood to be chopped off?
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 Chief Obegolu surely has a lot of questions to answer. Surely, the letter written by the former NBA Secretary has some undertone. Chief should at least have mentioned who he is rooting for in the forthcoming elections. He should have mentioned in his letter how during his tenure incumbency was no used in favour of some candidates. He should have mentioned how his appointment as the President of the ICMC came without the influence of the incumbency.

Chief, please go and continue the good work you are recently doing at the ICMC. You have some defining moments come 27th and 28th of November. The politics of NBA has left the realm where you thought. A lot of people are now very conscious of the going ons….



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