“You Chose the Wrong Person to Fight; Am not Law School” – Che Oyinatumba tells Kayode Bello

Kayode Bello

Fresh trouble is brewing for Mr. Kayode Bello the expelled student of the Nigerian Law School. This time around, he is up against Mr. Felix Ashimole (popularly known as Che Oyinatumba) publisher of an online blog “The Presicope”.

 According to a narrative by Mr. Felix Ashimole,  he received an SMS from Kayode Bello accusing him of using his plight to solicit for funds. Che warned Kayode Bello to desist from such baseless and unsolicited insult.

Read the story below:

My phone rang and the number was unsaved in my phone. The caller identified me and asked me if I have heard of the expelled Laws School Student. I said no and he said he wants to give the boy my number and I should see, if I can help him.

After this Kayode Bello called me, booked appointment to meet with me but failed to keep the appointment and we had to reschedule for the next morning.

That faithful morning, we met at Marquee located at Phase IV Kubwa, opposite Black and White school. I interviewed him for 44 minutes 6 seconds, after which I took him home and fed him. He wanted me to take up his case after he claimed that Femi Falana SAN, was in Ghana and not giving him the desired attention. He further said that he had met another lawyer before coming to me.

I told him that let us-me, the other lawyer and himself meet, to discuss the process before I can get involved. I further told him that he should count the cost of taking on Law School and choose, if he wants to be a lawyer or an activist; he cannot raise the rot in Law School and still think that the principalities and powers in the Council of Legal Education, will allow him graduate. I also told him that no Judge, will give him judgment against Law School, no matter how wrong Law School is. If any radical Judge tries it at the court of first instance, Law School will apply and push it up to Supreme Court.

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We agreed to meet later and after repeated calls from him, he met me at CAC annex-a drinking joint near CAC Maitama. He was impatient and refused wise counsel and beside NYSC –opposite FCT Maitama High Court Complex, he took the Writ he had given me and debriefed me on the road.

Despite this, I still stuck to highlighting the injustice against him by Law School. I published him on my facebook wall and Special edition of Kubwa Express Newspaper.

Minding my business this morning, I received an SMS from Kayode Bello, who used GSM 08115480501 to accuse me of using his plight to solicit for funds. I asked him to show me the link where I did such. What I did was to tell his friends that Kayode Bello needs their support beyond posting his plight on facebook; I told them that they should support him financially to prosecute his case.

As at the time I met Kayode Bello, he had no fixed address or place to sleep. He claimed that he was squatting and sleeping with any friend wherever night meets him. I offered him my guest room subject to my wife’s approval and he never came back. I told that his friend that called when Kayode Bello was in my house eating breakfast that Kayode Bello needs financial support and not just cheering to confront the monster called Law School.

I chose to state these because Kayode Bello, woke up this morning, unprovoked, to insult me via SMS. Since he stormed out on me, I have not called him but sent his number to people who wanted to help him. So where is this unsolicited insult from Kayode Bello coming from?

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I NEVER SOLICITED for funds for myself or asked any fund to be given to me for Kayode Bello. The lawyer that introduced me to him, was told to provide the logistics for filing the suit. Even when doing Pro Bono cases, the litigant pays for the filling fee.

I have told Kayode Bello that I will do this post, to clear the air and I regret doing this post but what lies need to fester, is the silence of those who know the truth.

Mr. Kayode Bello, I wish you all the best, but you will NEVER BE a lawyer called to the Nigerian Bar in the next 5 years. Did I not tell you that I know some people in Law School hierarchy that I can beg and get your expulsion turned to suspension so that next year you will be readmitted to finish your stunted career?

You have chosen a wrong enemy; I am not Law School.

Source: The Periscope

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