Echoes from the Courtroom: How May We Deal With A Bereaved Judge?

As humans, we are prone to so many unforseen occurrences. Sickness, deaths, loss and so on. God, as the master scriptwriter, determines whatever he pleases and effects them on his creature. Whenever the Act of God comes calling, as humans, we should thank him and keep pressing.
The court is the last hope of the common man. It is the theater where disputes are resolved. The court calms the nerve of aggrieved persons, with the hope that the Court would do justice. For an aggrieved person, justice has to be timeously dispensed. Hence, the cliche’ “justice delayed is justice denied.”
Our judges, who are put in the position of “God on Earth”, are human and would on several occasions be affected by Human eventualities. A judge would fall sick, a judge would be bereaved, a judge would loose certain precious valuables. All these eventualities are capable of changing the psychology and emotional configuration of a judge. In fact, they do affect judges. (They are humans)
When judges are afflicted with the natural challenges of life, we all must come round them to empathize (and sympathize). We should assist to console them and give them respite. Above all, we should relief then of some judicial responsibilities to fully get back on their feet. Not only would this assist the bereaved judge, it would also oil the wheel of justice.
A situation where all cases before a judge lingers for months on the grounds of bereavement of the Judge doesn’t leave a good feeling. It puts all parties under pressure, the judge, litigants, counsel, the society.
Except for matters that are part-heard (trial already commenced), all cases before a bereaved judge should urgently be reassigned.
My thoughts…
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