Emergency Codes for Litigators – Lessons from Obafolahan Ojibara

Igbosere High Court

Until you are stranded in front of Lagos High Court, Igbosere for more than an hour, you may not find this code useful.

Okay so I was at the Lagos State High Court Igbosere in Lagos Island this morning. I conclude my matter and get to where my car is parked only to discover that a “learned” colleague had parked his car right behind mine and didn’t drop his number anywhere. So I prance around for over 30 minutes murmuring to myself and using choice adjectives and expletives to describe this lawyer.

After a while I look into the car and spot a paper file under so many other documents with a number on it. So I start calling this number repeatedly. I must have called up to 40 times. My guy doesn’t pick up. I figured that if I called him repeatedly he will get the message that it must be urgent and would leave the courtroom to receive the call if his matter was yet to be called. After I had run out of patience, I sent him the text below

“Good Morning Mr Omotayo. Someone has bashed your car very badly, destroyed your bumper and broken your windscreen in front of the Court. We cannot detain the person for long. Please come quick….Police”

He arrived under 4 minutes

After giving him a piece of mind with him making excuses and begging at the same time, I just got into my car and drove off in a huff….

The life of a Lagos Lawyer

Obafolahan Ojibara

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