My First Encounter With Law – Attairu Haruna Abdulkadir #LSSMC

Attairu Haruna Abdulkadir

It was on a sunny afternoon back then in secondary school when I took a taxi from school heading to a branch of Gtbank. It was really a sunny day that I had perched throat and I walked briskly towards the taxi like a walking dead hoping and praying fervently that the automated teller machine would not play a joker on me.

On getting to the bank, I found a queue that gave me an image of anaconda as it was so long that a straight line would mean that the line would stretch across a busy road. I am sure the implication of that is obvious.

With that weary look and dry throat, I moaned to the last person on the queue with greetings and asked if there was anyone behind him which he replied in the negative upon which I stood right next to him. Soon enough, about three people queued behind me.

Suddenly we heard a screech of tyres behind us and we all turned to see if it was high time we took to our heels. It was a green rover car that overtook an army van and parked in front of it. I marveled at the audacity of that man to behave in such a manner to the almighty army van.

The man came down from his car and gesticulated towards the driver of the van. The gesture was obviously clear that he was asking him to come down from the car. After some minutes and upon the refusal of the driver on the advice of his colleagues in the van, the man in white shirt and black pants went into his car and came out with a piece of paper and a pen, and jotted down the number plate of the van.

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The driver came down in company of his colleagues and the man in white started the confrontation. It was then I realised that the army van had hit the gentleman’s car but did not even stop to say sorry. A funny day it was for them as that small looking man was a lawyer-headache.

I quickly left the scene after I had withdrawn the chicken change I had to withdraw though I was shivering as I was scared of hearing a gunshot and probably being its victim.

I got back to school and related the story to as many people as I could as it was just too lovely to see a man challenging a number of angry looking soldier men who would even frighten a righteous man to stupor that he now tends to believe he is unfaithful.

Aftermath of that incident marked my love for the legal profession. It dawned on me that day that nobody could actually mess with me when I become a lawyer. I thought to myself that instead of getting a lawyer whenever I become oppressed, would I not rather become one?

Name: Attairu Haruna Abdulkadir

School: Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto

 Level: 300 Level.


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