My First Encounter With Law – Nwaoboli Onyinye Precious

Nwaoboli Onyinye Precious

My first encounter with the law immediately I gained admission into the faculty of Law, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma , is so historic and remarkable that I have always dreamt of sharing it with friends, Families, and aspiring Law students.

Firstly, the grand term of this topic ‘ LAW ‘ has been defined by various philosophers , lawyers , legal writers , judges etc in their respective professional fields. The eminent jurist, Sir William Blackstone[1723 – 1780] said :

 “It is the rule of action which is prescribed by some superior and which the inferior is bound to obey.”

Law is a professional course which is taught in universities that meet the cut-out standard and requirements prescribed by the Nigerian advanced legal studies and the National University Commission.

Having been able to secure admission into the university to study my dream course, which is law, by sheer hard work and break of luck, immediately after my secondary school education, I had no time to attend tutorials on the university course I intended to study for 5years, hence I had paddled my studies boat with my own hands. I have so far seen the law as a two – sided coin. on one hand, the difficult and boring side. And on the other hand, the law appeared easy and enjoyable when coupled with hard work. I viewed the first side of the law when I resumed newly in my first semester then I thought the law was a merry- go round and a very easy course. I spent 95% of my time doing other things and devoted only 5% to studying. I never visited the library unknowing to me that as a law student I had to be a friend to the library. This I say did not help me at all. I participated in various moot competitions and mock trials in my faculty but performed poorly, facing the judges was not an easy task such that whenever I appear before them my memory went blank. Everything was so strange, the statutory provisions and law terminologies. The prescribed textbooks looked so difficult to comprehend. There were so many legal dictums and cases to memorize, as a corollary of all these I got frustrated and wanted to quit but had a rethink and made up my mind not to give in to defeat, because if I do my parents won’t be happy.

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The law remained difficult until my second semester when I studied so hard. I devoted much time to my studies, visited the library, and also made friends with senior colleagues who explained those hitherto obscure legal terminologies to me . I was indeed happy with the decision I made and consequently the law has been easy for me. Now I can brilliantly write my exams, and participate in law competitions without stage fright or flops.

In all I will say my first encounter with the law was a lesson to me and made me work harder.

Name: Nwaoboli Onyinye Precious

School: Ambrose Alli University ,  Ekpoma , Edo State.

Level: 100

Email: preciousnwaoboli@Gmail.Com

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