My First Encounter With Law – Terinwa Adesipo #LSSMC

Terinwa Adesipo

Some of us are not just born lucky, that was something I grew up knowing. I  grew up in a family of three, it was just me dad and mum, I was dumbstruck by life, when I was in my J.S.S 3 my father died,  I was still young. One fateful day I came home from school to meet my uncle, fathers elder brother and some of fathers relative, they had come to inform mum to let go of dads property as she was not entitled to any of fathers inheritance based on the fact that the family never supported her marriage to dad. She was therefore giving a month ultimatum to let go of the properties and transfer her title as the next of kin to him as fathers elder brother. This was a new battle unleashed, though disheartening it was foreseeable.

Mother with the help of friends and relatives refused to give in to the threats, before the elapsement of the ultimatum they came visiting to remind her of the ultimatum. On this specific occasion mama confronted them and made it known that she will not let go of any of father’s property and entitlements as she was legally entitled to them. Surprised by this they were dumbfounded but irrespective they promised to see mum to her doom. They made way for a nearby police station and came with two police officers to force mum out of the house, mother who was ever ready contacted her lawyer and this was the genesis of the legal battle. On the day for the hearing, mum and I headed straight to court very early with the lawyer and waited for court session to commence, feeling the ambience of the courtroom for the very first time in my life even though I was not fully aware of the fundamentals off being in the courtroom.

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Not long after the judge came in and everybody in the courtroom arose, the lawyers talked for some hours and the legal battle commenced. After the talks and legal battle and evidences presented before the was time for judgment .Everybody was silent, the look in mums face reflects fear, for once in my life, mum could not be the strong woman she always was. The judged made some statements and thereafter, he adjudicated. Mum was declared legally entitled to the property and inheritance,mum was extraordinarily happy in a way I have not seen her been for months, she hugged me for period that looks like years. She muttered something to my ears, the law has come to our aid, we have gotten justice. Though this word I came to understand later on in life, my encounter with a face of life that came helping the weak was what motivate me to study law. Now in my second year, my first encounter with the law  continually to remain in the abode of my memories.

Name: Adesipo Adeterinwa

School: Lagos state university

Level : 200 level


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