My First Encounter With Law – Kelvin Osamuogie Emonvuon #LSSMC

Kelvin Osamuogie Emonvuon

After a long battle with the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) and Post University Tertiary Matriculation Examination,  I was finally admitted to study Law in Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma.  It was indeed a happy moment and experience to be admitted into the University to study Law, but then, a different life style which I just acquired came into force.

I found the environment conducive to study but I had to develop myself in meeting up with the routine of coming out early to board a bus in order to meet up with the 8am Legal Methods class and other elective courses which we offered outside the faculty. It was a different life style entirely.

It was in one of those early morning classes that I had my first encounter with Law. It was challenging but interesting.  It was challenging in the sense that I could hardly respond to questions in class, the way some of my colleagues did. The feeling of someone that is lost gripped me. The interaction between these colleagues of mine and the lecturer was so strong that one would wonder whether the topic was earlier taught in their respective homes.

As one would expect, the lot fell on me to answer a particular question which I did. Though the answer was correct,  the manner at which the answer was presented lacked boldness but I felt relaxed a little after answering. Thereafter, I discovered that I just must build my guts and in doing so, I must always make an attempt, not minding the result. Shortly after that early period,  my first encounter with Law became interesting.

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There are three lessons I have learnt to help succeed in the study of Law.

The first is, it is a journey that is all about reading because if you don’t do the reading, you won’t know anything. The second is, I have made classes my second home. The worst mistake a law student will make is to skip classes, which is very detrimental to the course.  The third is, I have discovered that a law student must not be afraid to speak with boldness. The more one speaks, the more one becomes vocal.

Finally, many law students have encountered the law in different ways and those who found it challenging, with no option of surviving the training, abandoned the course. However,  it is advised to keep fighting those challenges because a gold must pass through intensive heat before it can become beautiful and attractive

Name : Kelvin Osamuogie Emonvuon

School: Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma 

Level: 300l

Email: Osamuogie@Gmail.Com 08037312994


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