My Grouse: Has Anybody Seen These Law Students on Court Attachment?

File photo: Law Students

At this point I would have officially downed this legal tool for good but, where should I port to now? Which profession would spice up my life with sweet and sour experience like this legal profession? I am still trying to grapple with all the shenanigans and stunts being pulled by fellow “learneds”, now I have to add these ones who have not even finish bar II curriculum to my headache? Chineke!

Have you seen those law students who were just unleashed to our courts? Or am I alone in this observation as usual? They were supposed to come and learn from their elders weren’t they? What my eyes saw with one of them at the Federal High Court Lagos would not leave me in a hurry. In fact, it would take the duo of Mrs. Odusote and Mrs. Ahmeed to appease me.

I was on my own at the Federal High Court jejely minding my business. It was in  one of those small court rooms where you have to wake up at cock crow to be able to get a sit (name withheld). This conversation brought me back to the court room: It was a lawyer in full regalia and a law student on court attachment mbok!

Lawyer: Good morning dear. Please can you adjust?

Law Student: We are already 5 on this seat.

Lawyer: Where are the 5 people? How can you be keeping seat for people at home?

Law student: (With so much disgust) there is no space here please! (She looked away and started fiddling with her phone and totally ignored my learned colleague)

Haa Aye mi ti ba mi! Not in my very before! My madness antennae immediately reached climax and I wore my full meddlesome regalia and bought the case like AMCON buys bad loan.

“Excuse me, Did you just talk to a lawyer like that? (That was me in my highest tone!) No hey, I AM TALKING TO YOU! AND WHEN I TALK! PEOPLE LISTEN!!! (She was brought back from her own esteem and I guess my roar worked)

Well I took the spoilt brat to the cleaners. Not only did I make my learned colleague sit, I made sure that no law student sat on that seat until I finished my matter and carried my frustrated body out of the court room. I am sure she would live all her lawyer life (if she ever makes it) remembering that day. I am also going to be looking out for her! No be for this profession? Nansens!

That was just my own tale, there are many more, a friend told how it took the intervention of the judge for law students to vacate seats for lawyers to sit and conduct their matters.  And, did anyone notice that they eat and drink inside the courtroom while court is sitting?

From my personal observations and the stories I have heard so far, I would be right to conclude that something has gone fundamentally wrong.

Yee! someone call me Mrs. Odusote Please!!!

My Grouse – venting my frustrations!

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