My Grouse Debuts: So the NBA Apologized for the Delay in Delivery Of Stamps?


So yesterday, the NBA Executives deemed it necessary to apologize for the “delay in delivery of the NBA stamp” The leadership in an email titled ” APOLOGY FOR THE DELAY IN STAMPS DELIVERY” indicated that the current delay being experienced by lawyers in the delivery of the stamp are as a result of non-availability of materials which are imported by the stamps producers.

The apology which was signed by the Secretary General of the NBA, Isiaka Abiola Olagunju Esq., came barely one week after the same Secretary General in an interview said that the stamps are now produced within 24 hours after receiving the application.

Many of our colleagues defended the Secretary General’s statement that stamps are produced within 24 hours after receiving application. Our colleagues indicated that the problem of delay is caused by the stamp delivery logistics of the various branches of the NBA, hence if applications are made directly to the NBA Secretariat Abuja, the stamp would be ready within 24 hours. There were testimonies to this.

Well, it would appear that the delay is not caused by delivery logistics but by the fact that the materials used in manufacturing the stamps have to be imported from “the abroad” (This is not an issue I really wish to delve into today. So I let it pass).

With the current apology from the Secretary General, it would appear that there was an initial attempt by the NBA to mislead the general members of the Bar. I would not say more than this.

Another aspect of this apology that I find most annoying is the fact that it has not helped in any way to alleviate the suffering of lawyers. I need my stamp to file processes in court. Prior to now, I had the alternative of attaching teller which evidences payment for stamp, but not anymore. Some lawyers have applied for stamps since January 2017 and are yet to be issued with. So the NBA Secretary General has deemed it fit to “sincerely regret any inconvenience this has caused our members” and wishes that you all bear with them while they address the issue? How does this help? “And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit?”

Is it possible for a responsible leadership to have made provision howsoever to alleviate a suffering it occasioned on the people they lead? Shouldn’t we learn a thing or two from the people we readily travel out to go and meet? Can the English Bar, American Bar, Scottish Bar etc. put its members through this harrowing experience and only come out at its convenience to ask that “you bear with us”? How exactly does bear with us help a lawyer to file his processes in court? How does bear with us help him to put a seal on time-bound letters and documents which he needs to issue pending receipt of his stamp from NBA?

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And oh, the stamp and seal? They have expiry dates. Come on people! This means that even having gone through the harrowing experience of waiting endlessly for the seal, one cannot decide to use the whole of his savings to buy stamp and seal that would last him for a long time lest they expire before he exhaust them.

On top of all these (usual slangs), Nigerian Lawyers are all sitting in their comfortable corner and they are just watching their leaders trample on their right and saying nothing?

Where are the activists among us?

Where are the ancestors who have seen it all and who practiced when the gods were judges in our courts?

Where are the critics who file actions in court to prevent “the senate from insisting that the customs boss wear uniform before it” (by the way what happened to that case? Anyway).

I am not casting any aspersions o! I only think that it is high time we stopped the noise all about how we are being led in this country. I want to believe that a country is as good as its leaders!

My Grouse – venting my frustrations!

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