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Just sitting here in my cubicle, I am wondering how miserable my life is going to be in the coming week. Like my good friend would say “everything is going to happen!”

Next week, the annual court vacation of most of the State High Courts would come to an end.

The truth is that in these few years that I have had the privilege of being stuck to one principal, the routine has been the same.  By next week, my principal would be back to the office. Don’t ask me where he has been! Plenty privileges lost; now I don’t have the luxury of waking up at 7am to get to the office at 8am just to read some relaxing literatures; the usual leisure of closing at about 12 noon sometimes would stop (but seriously, this 8 to 5 routine in this world of today has to be reviewed); I would have to wait till whenever it pleases him to leave the office before I can take my leave.  All these are the least of the issues self.

The major issue is that he is going to be resuming with an array of “to do” as always. The routine would be like;

“Go and bring all the files let’s re-evaluate our strategies in those cases (as he has gone to clear eye naa).”

“Prepare a calendar schedule and send out calendar invites to meet all the witnesses we would be putting in the witness box for the first three months in the new legal year”(oga sir, haba, kuku kee me!).

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“Let me have a list of all outstanding processes we need to file in all the cases” (seriously sir?).

“Liaise with accounts to identify which of the clients have not finished paying their professional fees. (hehehe, time to start account re-growing)”

In my mind I am thinking, can the routine just be different? Guess what? In the midst of all these, my Oga will be behaving like Jesus and his beloved apostle. You would hear something like “I hope you realize it’s a privilege for you to work closely with me?” and in my mind am like “o yea! Kontinu!” (But seriously, minus money, that my oga has taught me plenty things o, including  tricks that I can’t wait to start using on my juniors for purposes of loyalty). The above are all issues that would arise from the home front. The one from outside would be worst ni!

Very soon, I am going to begin to face the trauma of “the court is not sitting”, “the ruling is not ready”, “the judgment is not ready”, “ the order has not been signed”, “the hearing notices have not been served”, “the proceedings have not been verified by My Lord”. Haba! Only me faa.  I just pray this year would be different.

I am not forgetting that I am going to also grapple with encounter with very angry and unprofessional colleagues who would do everything to frustrate all efforts towards serving justice, regardless of whose ox is gored. Their usual rhetorics; why didn’t you serve me this process in my office, I can’t collect it in court”. “I am going to vehemently oppose your application for extension of time, I promised that I would frustrate your case”; “My Lord, I am not ready to go on today, I am just not in the mood”. I just pray these clichés would not be encountered this year.

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This new legal year, I just hope I would not have any complaint about the courts and their systems.

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