My Grouse: Everything is Sold Out – A Brave New Bar!

Nigeria Bar Association Conference (File)

Ok so today before I proceed, I would like to use this opportunity to advise lawyers to be like “bar men”. Always read meanings, words are not just what they appear to be, got it? Otherwise, what do brave people do? You don’t know enh?  Don’t worry!

The people that provoke this my vent know themselves, when I try my best to mind my own business they would never allow me.  I have been ignoring everybody o, but the rant has become too much and I just have to talk.  What’s with all these pre-conference noise self eh? You are all making noise and jumping upandan!

I have read so many rantings on social media today alone, some saying, I have money I want to register; “let us boycott,” “let us file class action”  “why can’t I register, am I not a lawyer?” You people should go and sit down. What is the issue gan? No be conference? Haba. Even the ones that have spent 20 years at the bar and have never attended any conference, are all joining to rant. What are you coming for the conference to look for? Wi you kip kwayet!

Let me try to respond to all your issues since the ones spoken in official language has refused to work for you “lawyers”.

First, you that are shouting upandan “sold out,  sold out am not allowed to register”, let me ask you, don’t you know that Law is a noble profession? Are you noble?

 Or you don’t know that Nigerian Bar is a professional association not a trade union? Ngbo are you not a trader? And this AGC for your information, it is organized for “bar members” to meet and rub mind okay! It is not for lawyers?  Don’t tell me you were thinking yourself a bar member o? Ok now you know. So stop making noise.

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And for your information, better go and disabuse your mind about the impression that the conference is a general meeting where all of you plus your family members would be preparing to come and block road! Or are you not conversant with the fact that in Nigeria today there is no facility anywhere to accommodate all lawyers in Nigeria? You don’t know that one too abi? Kontinu!

Do you know about stamped and how it works? Now somebody is trying to help you not to stampede yourself and goan die. Will you not listen? Are you the only stranger that did not hear of the recruitment exercise in Nigeria sometime ago that they used stampede to finish the whole people. Na wa o and to think that these TCCP people are just trying to ensure that you stay alive by asking you to stay at home and not attend the conference enh! Please stay in your house and forget about the conference everything is SOLD OUT! Next year come back and check if you have graduated from being a “lawyer” to being a “bar member”.

When I grow up, I want to be like these TCCP people. They have plenty mouth.

And if you are confused about these whole thing I have been saying since then your case is different because we have spoken official and unofficial language!

Let me come and be going.

My Grouse – venting my frustrations!


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