My Grouse: Nigerian Lawyers, Do Normal!

NBA Headquarters

Am still venting my grouse, I don’t know for how long though! My brothers and sisters in the law, we all need to be careful now.  I am more particular now about those of you who have palasa phones and who buy kobo kobo data bundle to talk anyhow. Let me advise you, no go use those two unfortunate helpers of tension to destroy your own generation.

Am not sure you heard the announcement, but if you did not, let me tell you, NBA has reconstituted  disciplinary committee with  panels created in the various geopolitical zones in the country.

The reason is simple, you people have been doing so many things that are not right. You are bringing so much disrespect to this noble profession by your actions and utterances and this has to stop.  NBA is not smiling again o! The association is ready to bring down anybody that do anyhow! Nigeria Lawyers, do normal o! I have heard some people saying “yeye dey smell”, “is it by force to be NBA member? Eh! I pity you. Just do normal!

From the statement issued by the NBA, it would appear that public criticism of the leadership of the NBA is now a conduct unbecoming of a legal practitioner and a ground for disciplinary action against the critic. The way I am seeing it, all of you who have even gone to court, “hmmmm” is all I can say to you!

Those ones that said they have right in Osun to protest and block the road so that their CJ will not pass, your own may be the starting point. You see, I don’t know if it would be possible for you people to go and resurrect Alao-Aka Bashorun to speak for you o. otherwise, this “Brave New Bar” with “Brave New Bulala”, hmmm… My advice, sha, do normal!

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Even this my grouse self I have been thinking and I need advice, it is either I look for something else to do and stop running my mouth because DNL Legal and Style have advised me to do normal, or I also restructure so I don’t get to start explaining that I am also trying to ensure that we all have a Brave New Bar. I may not be believed. Because you see, na only mouth me I get. Or better still, I can focus on you  people. Make una no vex o, because even self, what you people do to me on  daily basis eh,  I am supposed to be talking it every day.

If I cannot talk about NBA Leadership, please excuse me sir, can I talk about members of NBA one by one?  I don’t know again o.

But wait o, what exactly does this Brave New Bar mean? Does it mean no participation for young lawyers like myself  at the  conference or does it mean we should all just be doing follow follow and not do criticize  constructively?  I don’t want my career to end before it started and  oh my God I don’t know how to keep quite again! Abasi mbok!

And I remembered something, I have plenty of my friends who registered for early bird and I have heard them running their mouth about all that they will do. Let me join you with the ones that would read this in this my small advise. If you have paid for the conference and you are among the ones that have your processes ready for filing because you are hoping not to receive your material, let me tell you, you will receive them all! Say amen! But in the unlikely event that you don’t receive your tablet,  please go to the nearest pharmacy store and get a capsule. If you do not get a seat at the conference, take a selfie  of yourself at the entrance of the venue, post the pictures on instagram, twitter, facebook, snapchat my friend you don attend conference be that! If you do not get any form of refreshment at the conference, go to the nearest buka, order a plate of rice and pomo, top it with a satchet of water and go home.

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Whatever you do, don’t complain on social media, don’t block the entrance of the AGC conference, don’t sue the NBA if you do not get your tablet, don’t write a petition if the tablet does not last as long as you would have expected. In all, just do normal.

My Grouse – venting my frustrations!


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