The Healthy Lawyer: 5 Ways to Avoid a Heart Attack

Heart Attack

Anyone working in a law firm will tell you that stress is usually their constant companion. It’s a career with a high rate of suicide and alcoholism.

 Many lawyers, judges and the likes have died just suddenly and you wonder how and why. Stress has even been a suspected murderer. While for many that have died, the link between stress and death may not have been definitive, res ipsa loquitor. The biggest trigger for many ailment for lawyers is majorly stress related.

While it is advisable for lawyers to have routine check up, there are life styles which can be adopted to mitigate stress and keep heart attack away.

So, how do you manage stress when working at the firm? Here are some stress management tips:

Work out. You’ve heard it many times before. While it’s tough to fit a workout regimen into your bustling work schedule, half an hour in the morning can help you start your day off right. Even if it’s a brisk walk to the office or time at a nearby gym, a little can go a long way.

Get a therapist. Big law firms should begin to consider employee assistance programs, where you can call a designated “depression” line and get some counseling. There can be a program that allows you a certain number of free visits to a therapist. We understand that in this part of the world health is taken as the least significant by both employers and the employees.This is definitely not the right attitude. The greatest success in life is to have a healthy life. So why don’t you just invest in your health and that of your employees.

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Eat well. It’s hard to eat properly when you’re chained to your desk. Some lawyers have resorted to liquid meals to get through their work hours. But a can of juice and junk can’t sustain you when you’re engaged in strenuous task.  And bad nutrition catches up, in the form of mood swings, energy lows and depression.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s a matter of state of mind. True, you’re on your guard every time the partner walks into your office. But learn that it’s not personal, no matter how personal a partner might want you to believe it is.

And finally, the most important stress management tip you may ever hear:

Know when to throw in the towel. The best thing may just be to walk away. If you’re popping Xanax or breaking into a sweat every morning before work, it’s time to go. No job is worth that kind of stress. As anyone who chose to leave  will tell you, you will find something much more rewarding one day.


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