Huh? Ugliest Law Schools? Hmmmm!!

USC-Gould-Law School

Some law schools have earned themselves a place in Architectural Digest’s list of the ugliest university buildings in America and we are wondering.

See the law schools they are claiming to be the ugliest:

Boyd Law Building, University of Iowa College of Law

Photo: Tony Webster / via Wikimedia

John and Frances Angelos Law Center, University of Baltimore School of Law

Photo: via Flickr user Roland Krebs

School of Law Building, University of Maine

Photo: via Wikimedia

And law students added the 4th, USC Law school which they claim is the ugliest of all.

We all know the ugliest law school by far is at none other than the University of Southern California, baby.”

“This colorless, soulless monstrosity sits in a lonely corner of campus behind the business school’s brand new, gorgeous Fertitta Hall. Part suburban office park, part 18th century fortress, 100% concrete monster. “At least you get to look at the other pretty buildings from the inside, right?” Maybe the professors in their offices do, because most of the large first-year classes are held in the auditoriums in the basement, where no light or happiness makes its way in. The plan was approved in the late 70s or early 80s when brutalist architecture was popular for like, a month? I’d never been shown what “brutalist” architecture was, but I understood it completely without any context the moment I saw this building. It looks like what I imagine the IRS’s headquarters looks like. I wish I could say it’s pretty on the inside, but it’s all linoleum floors and plastic chairs with stained cloth. Technology is always a mess and cell reception is dodgy. The only advantage is it that it encourages law students to get out of the law school itself and explore other places, things, and people on campus.”

University of Southern California Gould School of Law

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They even empathized with the people working at the law school for beholding the ugly law school everyday: “To everyone who attends and works at the law schools mentioned above, we’re sorry. It must be terrible to have to look at these monstrosities each and every day.”

Okay o! Nigeria Law Students are you thinking what we are thinking?

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