Husband Seeks Dissolution of 6-year-old Marriage Over Adultery


A husband, Mr Fatai Badmus on Tuesday approached an Ado-Ekiti Customary Court to seek the dissolution of his 6-year-old marriage to his wife, Sade on allegations of adultery.

Fatai, 35, an Artisan, told the court that his wife was  adulterous, do not care for him and the children, and there was no more love between them.

He told the court that whenever the respondent leaves the house for the restaurant where she works as a caterer, she always return home by midnight.

The husband said the wife had often complained that her boss was the one delaying her because of so many customers patronising the restaurant.

The petitioner said on a particular night, he caught the respondent with a motorcyclist behind a trailer along the street.

‎The father of two, told the court that that wife had told him she was going out to buy recharge card, and unknown to her, he traced her to the point where her secret lover was waiting for her.

The petitioner said he did not confronted her or the man, but uses the incident to react harshly to her at home.

Fatai said the respondent never acknowledged him as her husband and she was fond of receiving men’s phone calls while she was on the bed with him.

He also accused the wife of deliberately denying him sex for over six months.

Fatai also told the court that once the respondent leaves the house in the morning, she won’t bother to come home to prepare lunch or dinner for the children.

“I often cook food for my children when my wife is not at home; she was fond of abandoning her matrimonial home and travel with men.

“On Valentine’s Day, my wife left the house around 8 am and came back 11 pm and sometimes she ‎will not even bother about the health of her children.

“I can no longer tolerate all her indecent behaviours and I do not love her anymore because she was fond of wearing provocative clothes to attract men.

“I have two witnesses which are my parents ‎that can testify to my claims before this honourable court,” he said.

Fatai, therefore, urged the court to dissolve the marriage and award him custody of their two children.

The two witnesses of the petitioner, Alhaji Rahmo Badmus, 68 and Alhaja Mariam Badmus 65, testified to the claims of the petitioner that the respondent was fond of abandoning her children and coming late to the house.

They told the court that she was also fond of wearing provocative clothes which was contrary to the doctrine of Islam.

The respondent, Mrs Sade Badmus, however, refuted the entire allegation levelled against her by the petitioner.

She denied having secret affairs with men or coming home late.

She said the petitioner often accused her of having secret affairs whenever she comes late from her place of work around 8 pm.

‎Sade further told the court that whenever she wants to travel, she normally informed the petitioner, who usually approve of the journey.

She also denied wearing provocative clothes as claimed by the petitioner and his parents.

Sade told the court that she has two witnesses who could testify that her children’s welfare was always her priority.

The pleaded with the court not to dissolve the marriage, but added that if the petitioner insists on dissolution, she wanted the court to grant her the custody of her two children.

The President of the Court, Mrs Olayinka Akomolede after hearing from both parties, adjourned the case till May 18, for further hearing.

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