Justice At Last for Baby Khadija as Court Awards N11m Damages in her Favour

justice for baby Khadija

The news of baby Khadija’s ordeal in the hands of her mother’s friend and her husband was shocking and pathetic. Following the public outcry, a group of lawyers swung into action and filed a fundamental right enforcement proceeding against the husband and wife.

Image result for Baby Khadija rapedWhile the criminal matter is still pending, the legal theme have successfully obtained judgment in favour of baby Khadija in the sum of N11 million against the husband and wife.

To celebrate the victory and the industry of the theme of lawyers, Mr. Sani Ammani took to his facebook to write:

Do you remember Baby Khadija, a six months old infant that was allegedly raped by a man with the help of his wife? In case you don’t, I’ll help you out.

Sometime in February in Kano State, a nursing mother left her six months daughter under the care of her friend.

In the evening, the mother went to get her daughter. When she got there, she found, the child asleep, the friend’s husband was sweating while pulling up his trousers.

The mother didn’t bother. She took her daughter and left. On her way home, she decided to back the child. That’s when she released that the child wasn’t asleep, she’s unconscious. The baby’s wrapper was wet with blood.

She called her husband. And the baby was rushed to the hospital. There, it was confirmed that the baby was penetrated.

There is a pending criminal charge against the lady and her husband.

The Public Defendant’s Office with the consent of the baby’s parents, instituted a Fundamental Rights Enforcement suit against the lady and her husband.

The lawyers stated that the life of baby Khadija has been endangered. She still has seizures. And the act of penetrating her amounted to torture, inhuman and degrading treatment. These violate Sections 33 and 34 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) 2011.

Just last week, a judgment was delivered by the Acting Chief Judge of Kano State in their favour. Damages of N11 million naira was awarded to baby Khadija.

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Kudus to team members, R. H. Kyunni (Mrs), L. E. O Umar (Mrs), Ibrahim M. G. Sagagi Esq. Aeesha Mahdi (Miss), Asma’u Muhammad Sulaiman (Miss) Rashida Bashir (Mrs), Jaafar Shehu Esq., Aisha Isah Yusuf (Mrs), Aminu Muhammad Sani Esq. and Orji Stephen Esq. This is a job well done.

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