Keyamo SAN’s Position on Docile Activism and Savage Responses


Earlier today, Mr. Festus Keyamo SAN took to his twitter handle to offer some very valid advice to those who are insinuating that Human Rights Activists have become docile.

He wrote:

“No group of Nigerians have been given the exclusive trademark called ‘activists’. They earned it over time. For those who feel the ‘activists’ are docile now, perhaps it’s their own turn to earn the title. They should stop waiting on others to give life to their own hidden agenda”


We think this is really true. Nobody has the monopoly of being an activist. You can pursue your own goals rather than look for others to ride on their apron strings. But some twitter users in Nigeria think otherwise. They have several issues with Mr. Keyamo SAN’s advice.

See some of the responses below:

Well it wasn’t all bad. Many also agreed with Mr. Kayamo SAN. If you feel the Activists are not doing it well, very simple, go and start your own activism!


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