How Lagos DPP Uncovered Alleged Plan by Police to Prosecute Innocent Citizens for Murder

Sadiku Ibitayo Esq

Mr. Sadiku Ibitayo, Managing Partner of Deed Solicitors a law firm in Lagos has narrated how his effort and that of the DPP Lagos uncovered an alleged plan by the Inspector General of Police to surreptitiously prosecute innocent persons for the murder of two villagers in Ibeju Lekki Lagos while shielding the real suspected killers.

Sadiku who spoke to DNL Legal and Style stated that the Police had taken 5 innocent persons; Segun Salami, Samson Abimbola, Sikiru Egunjemi, Aliu Egunjemi and Jimoh Ogunnupe before Honourable Magistrate A.F.O Botoku for hearing of the suit: IGP vs. Salami & 4 Others on the 27th September, 2017. However, in a twist of event, rather than continue with the prosecution of the case, the Magistrate read the content of the Legal Advice written from the office of Director of Public Prosecution [DPP], Lagos State Judiciary which revealed the ploy by the Police to arraign and prosecute the innocent men.

According to Sadiku “On the 15th of August, 2017 the office of the Inspector General of Police [IG] deceitfully charged Segun Salami, Samson Abimbola, Sikiru Egunjemi, Aliu Egunjemi and Jimoh Ogunnupe for the murder of Suliamon Akewusola and Salami Musiliu a.k.a Mantanle both from the Ilagbo community of Ibeju Lekki Local Government Area of Lagos State after criminally substituting the real killers with the innocent persons mentioned.”

“The investigating team from Abuja comprising of Deputy Inspector General of Police – Criminal Intelligence and investigation department, CSP Chike, ASP Daniel Attah and his team all attached to the force CIID, Area 10, Abuja are culpable in the wilful subversion of truth, miscarriage of justice and whimsical digression from the cause of the murder of the deceased.

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Sadiku narrated further: “the office of the Commissioner of Police, Panti homicide section had concluded a meticulous investigation into the  case and was ready to arraign the real killers of the deceased: Hammed Sanwo, Adebola Alfa Jabaru, Tosin Adenuga, Muro Yusuf and Muse Arashi when machinery from “Abuja signal/Case-file transfer” whisked the file away to Abuja.”

“In a shameful twist of event, the real killers were left free while the Police replaced them with  Segun Salami, Samson Abimbola, Sikiru Egunjemi, Aliu Egunjemi and Jimoh Ogunnupe after detaining them for over two months.”

It was the above event that led Sadiku  to petition the office  of the IG vide a petition  dated the 21th August, 2017 demanding amongst other things that; The IG  investigates Force CIID, Area 10 team and possibly dissolve the team for their repeated miscarriage of justice and the shame they have brought to the image of the Nigeria Police. According to Sadiku, the office of the IGP did nothing about the case.

He however explained that the plot by the police was finally exposed by the DPP Lagos ; “The case file was sent to the Attorney General of Lagos, from where it was sent to the office of the DPP. After a carefully and thorough review of the case file, the DPP exposed the copious atrocities committed by the officers of the Nigeria Police mentioned above with the connivance of the some undisclosed money bag sponsoring the repeated killers in the community.”

Reading through the Legal advice, it was obvious the criminal/killer swap perfected by the police was premeditated, deliberate and executed. However, an honest review by the office of the DPP, Lagos State judiciary exposed their atrocities. Paragraph 6 of the Legal Advice read thus:

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“There are sufficient facts in the duplicate case file to establish a prima facie case of Conspiracy to Commit Murder and Murder contrary to Section 233 and 223 respectively of the Criminal Law of Lagos State 2015 against, 

  1. Hammed Sanwo, Tosin Adenuga and Muro Yusuf for the murder of Suliamon Akewusola;
  2. Adebola Alfa Jabaru, Muro Yusuf, Muse Arashi and Hammed Sanwo for the murder of Salami Musili aka Mantanle. 

The Police are to be advised to ensure the arrest of the named suspects to be charged by this office in the High Court. 

In view of the above, this office shall not prosecute Sikiru Egunjemi, Aliu Agunrege Egunjimi, Segun Salami, Samson Abimbola and Jimoh Ogunnupe for any offence as there are insufficient facts to establish their conspiracy in any of the crimes, the suspects should be released if still in custody”

Sadiku stated that the real suspects/killers were arrested by the Akodo Police team and the Homicide Department in Panti, before these officers from Abuja whisked them and the case file to Abuja to enable them perfect their ground plan of scuttling the entire case, thereby liberating all these hardened criminals/suspects back to the society.

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