Lagos Lawyer Petition IGP over Gruesome Murder of Kinsmen; Indicts 2 Police Officers

Sadiku Ibitayo Esq

A Lagos based lawyer and Managing Partner of Deed Solicitors Mr. Sadiku Ibitayo has petitioned the Inspector General of Police over an alleged murder of two kinsmen, Suleiman akeushola and Musili Salami by one Jabaar Imam and the alleged subversion of truth and miscarriage of justice during the cause of investigation by two officers of the Nigerian Police CSP Chike and ASP Daniel Attah

In the petition which was signed by Mr. Sadiku Ibitayo, he urges the IGP to use his office to initiate a fresh investigation into the murder.

Read the letter in details below:

The Inspector General of Police,

The Nigeria Police Force,

Force Head Quarters,

Louis Edet House, Garki,

F.C.T Abuja.

Dear Sir,

Gruesome Murder Of Sulaiman Akeushola And Musili Salami: Wilful Subversion Of Truth, Miscarriage Of Justice And Whimsical Digression From The Cause Of Murder By Officers CSP Chike & ASP Dainel Attah Attached To Force CIID, Area 10, Abuja

Urgent Need For Honest Investigation And Prosecution To Avoid Another Major Crisis Within Ilagbo And Oriyanrin Communities.

The above subject matter refers.

We are Solicitors to the Ilagbo community represented by Chief Musetiru Lamidi Ogunnupe [Bale Ilagbo], Mr. Sami Abdul Wakeel and Chief T. O. Ogunnupe all of Ilagbo town, Ibeju Lekki Local Government Area, Lagos State AND Mr Peter Alex Nwoseh [hereinafter referred to as our “client”] and on whose behalf and firm instructions we write.

May we by this letter once again formally intimate you of the gruesome murder of Sulaiman Akeushola and Musili Salami, misuse of public office and act likely to cause breach of peace committed by Jaabar Imam [and his team], C.S.P Chike [PPRO] and ASP Dainel Attah both of Force CIID Area 10, Abuja. Whilst we entreat that you use your good office to restrain the intemperance of these officers, we passionately plead and solicit your kind support to constitute another team of credible officers to investigate and prosecute the gruesome murder of Sulaiman Akeushola and Musili Salami in furtherance to your commendable campaign to eliminate all manner of vices cum murder and corrupt practices among public officers in the society whilst establishing professionalism and Justice.

As part of the inherited and sustained tradition since the founding of the Ilagbo village is an annual festival called Kilajolu, which hitherto holds in the month of May.  Unfortunately, this year festival was smeared by the horrific murder of Sulaiman Akeushola on the 22nd day of May, 2017 by some youths from Oriyarin headed by one Jabaar Imam while some of the Ilagbo youths were returning home after the festival Musili Salami [now deceased] and two others were assigned to pick up the corpse of Sulaiman in a private hospital in Oriyarin where he died. The same Jabaar Imam with the active connivance of his other team mates blocked the road with his Pathfinder jeep, dragged out the occupants of the Opel Astra conveying the three persons sent to retrieve the corpse of Sulaiman. They [Jabaar and his team] succeeded in murdering Musili Salami while the two other narrowly escaped death.

Swiftly, Mr. Falalu Ogunnupe [who witnessed the murder of Salami and narrowly escaped death] reported the matter to Akodo Police State. With the timely intervention of the Akodo Divisional Police officer [DPO], SP Ayeni Sunday, the body of Musili Salami which was already buried along the shoreline of the sea was exhumed. In no time, the news of the murder of the duo filtered the neighbouring communities and it was reported that some aggrieved mob thereafter set ablaze the houses of the kingpin [Jabaar Imam] and his cohorts. However, arrests of some of the culprits were made. The Commissioner of Police Lagos State, [CP] and the Commissioner for Special duties Lagos State visited the communities on the 23rd and 24th of May, 2017 respectively. The CP, while addressing traditional rulers and elders, pledged his unflinching resolve to ensuring justice is done in the matter and enjoins the communities to embrace peace.

Sequel to the instruction and prompt intervention of the CP, the DPO of Akodo and Sergeant Agbabiaka Michael [IPO] swing into action by arresting most of the culprits. After preliminary investigations, the matter was transferred to the Homicide Department, Panti for further investigation where O/C Fatai Tijani and D/C Bolaji Salami of D4 Homicide Section, Panti, ASP Simeon and Inspector Ali Mike all of Panti worked assiduously on the matter. Upon conclusion of the investigation, the families of -the deceased were asked to retrieve the corpse of the deceased for final rite of passage.

The Sole Administrator of Lekki LCDA, Hon. Osunnuga S. Oloruntosin with the help of some eminent personalities in the communities called an all-inclusive peace meeting on the 31st May, 2017. Present at the meeting were: DPO of Akodo and the Officer in Charge of Department of State Security Services, Kabiyesi HRM Oba Laisim Ogunbekun Onilekki, members of both Federal House of Representative and State House of assembly representing Ibeju Lekki Constituency, religious leaders from both religions, Apex leaders of Ibeju Lekki LCDA, Baale of the two communities, elders and members representing the two communities amongst other. In the same vein, another meeting was called on the 10th July, 2017

Topmost on the agenda was the immediate and remote cause of the crisis wherein those behind the gruesome murder of the two deceased and the Arson that occurred thereafter were stated. Kabiyesi HRM Oba Laisim Ogunbekun Onilekki asked to know the real culprits that murdered the duo and committed the arson. Eye witnesses from Oriyanrin community, Kabiru Liasu obviated the link between the Ilagbo community and the case of Arson. He gave a detailed account that led to the Arson and mentioned the name of the perpetrators as youths from Otolu and Itamarun wherein he gave the names of Ologede, Faisu, Kazeem son of Inubiden, Aliu and Teddy all from Otolu and Itamarun as those that burnt down the houses in their community. Falalu Ogunnupe eye witness to the murder gave the name of Jabaar Imam and his team as the murderers. Find attached the Certified True Copy of the minute of the meeting of the 31st May, 2017 and the Video of the meeting held on the 10th July, 2017 marked as annexure “A”. After much deliberation, the meeting resolved that both Baale of the communities Bale Adeshina Ogunnupe [Ilagbo] and Baale Kayode Odunaiya [Orinyarin] signs a peace agreement to ensure peace is restored to the communities. The families of the deceased were asked to go and bury their relatives peacefully. The police officers were charged to ensure justice is done as instructed by the CP.

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At the instant of the responsive CP, another meeting was held at his office on the 9th June, 2017. Wherein the CP instructed the bales to cooperate with the police and give useful information on the perpetrators. It is pertinent to state that, as at the last meeting with the CP and previous meetings with various groups and law enforcement agencies, the only complaint and report filed [at the Akodo Police station, Homicide Department Panti and the office of the CP] were the Murder of the duo mentioned above and the case of Arson at Oriyanrin.

In a twist of event, we realise that the bale of Orinyarin was been discreet with the entire issue. When it was observed that Orinyanrin wasn’t willing to corporate with the law enforcement agents, all telephone conversations between the representatives of Oriyanrin and Ilagbo representatives were duly recorded. Find attached the voice telephone conversation between:

1 The Bale of Orinyanrin and Bale Ilagbo with telephones numbers: 08023986879 & 08033088542 respectively.

2 Bale Orinyarin and Falalu Ogunnupe- 08023986879 & 08033576062

3 Bale Ilagbo and Akewula, the Balogun of Orinyanrin – 08033088542 & 08108670335 marked as annexure “B”.

Bewildered and justifiably miffed that few days to the arraignment of the arrested culprits, signal was sent from the office of Inspector General of Police [Deputy] for the case file to be transferred to Abuja. All the members of Ilagbo became apprehensive that justice will once again be suppressed. Earlier this year, one Mr. Tijani Kabiru Olawale [erstwhile P.A to Honourable Bola Gbabijo] was murdered in cold blood by this same Jabaar Imam in this same community. The matter was being investigated by Area J Police command, few days to his arraignment, signal was received from Abuja and this same set of investigation team from Force Headquarters came to Lagos and whisked away the case file. That was the last the complainant heard of the matter and few weeks after, the culprits were subsequently set free perhaps for benefits they both enjoy and proceeds of crime they share together. It is imperative we state that this same team are now known and perceived as not only corrupt but aid criminal element to subvert justice via the machinery of “Abuja signal/case-file transfer”. Hence, the entire community, Akodo Police Station and Panti already pre-empt the outcome of the transferred case file.

In a sharp twist of event and as expected, officers from Abuja came into Ilagbo community making frenetic effort to arrest anyone they can lay their hands on. Our visit to Abuja shed more light into the coloration, concocted stories and the deliberate attempt by the Oriyanrin communities with the connivances of some alleged corrupt officers in Abuja to rewrite the event and happenings in the communities. The first shocker we received was that a total of 4 [four] persons died in the crisis as opposed to the 2 [two] deaths reported in Lagos.  It was also alleged that it was the youths of Orinyarin who set ablaze the houses in Orinyarin, this allegation which is found to be furious and not in congruent with what members of Orinyanrin confirmed via telephone calls and various meetings previously held.

At this juncture it became clear that the team from Abuja are not only interested in wilful subversion of justice, but were also contacted to perverse the course of justice [as usual] and whimsical digress from the cause of murder being carried out by Jabbaar Imam and his cohort. The officers we interfaced with are CSP CHIKE [PPRO CIID, AREA 10], ASP DAINEL ATTAH AND HIS TEAM. We were dumbfounded when Supol Attah arrogantly downplayed all the investigations and efforts of his colleagues from Akodo Police station, Homicide department Panti and even the efforts of the Commissioner of Police Lagos State stating that their investigation was one sided and laced with favouritism. When the minute of the meeting held on the 31st of May, 2017 was handed over to him, he cunningly twisted the entire story and justified the fact that they have to commence investigation afresh.

Immediately, we wrote a petition dated 4th June, 2017 for your kind attention, to ensure this matter does not end up like that of the hapless Mr. Tijani Olawale. The petition yielded no positive result and this necessitated a follow up petitions dated 18th July, 2017. Find attached both petitions and marked as annexure “C” and “D” respectively.  We were not surprise the petition was not given due attention because we know the matter has being thwarted by some corrupt elements. However, our visit to the office of the CP further confirms our apprehension about the investigating team. We obtained a certified true copy of the IG directive dated the 25th July, 2017 sent to the Commissioner of Police, Lagos state instructing him to treat the matter. Find attached the CTC of the directive marked as Annexure “E”. But officer Chike and Attah bent on frustrating the matter refused to release the case file stating they were oblivious of the instructions of the IGP on the file. Therefore, they failed to remit the file back to the Commissioner of Police, Lagos to treat.

Coincidentally, before the gruesome murder of the duo mentioned above, Mr Peter Alex Nwoseh purchased 3 Acres of land from the original land owners Mr Aliu Agunrege Egunjimi and Sikiru Ogunniyi Egunjimi  both of Egunjimi Oshiosefowokan family of Orinyarin. This same Jabaar Imam and his cohorts [Baale Orinyarin-Kayode, Mr Saheed, Alfa Akewula, Gbayi Maffe, Kehinde Lasosi etc] were deployed to the land bought by Mr Peter to cause mayhem and chase the purchaser and his workers off the site. They invaded the site on the 29th day of March, 2017 armed with guns, cutlasses and dangerous weapons, chased Mr Peter and the workers off the site with a stern warning that if they return, they will be buried on that site. The said Mr Peter Alex Nwoseh, Mr Aliu A. Egunjimi and Sikiru O. Egunjimi with the aid of their lawyer wrote a petition dated 10th June, 2017 to the Commissioner of Police. Find attached the petition written by Mr Peter Alex Nwoseh to CP and marked as annexure “F”. The investigation of the matter was conducted by Inspector Bello of D9 Section of State Anti-Robbery, Panti. While the investigation was on-going, this same set of officers from Abuja [Attah and Chike] came to Lagos under the guise of signal from Abuja also took away the file and arrested Mr Aliu A Egunjii and Mr Sikiru O. Egunjimi, original owners of the land and detailed them in Abuja. Mr Peter proceeded to Abuja and also wrote another petition dated 13th July, 2017 to your good. Find attached the petition written by Mr Peter to the IG and marked as annexure “G”. Surprisingly, nothing came out of the petition. It was revealed that the petition did not get to your noble office.

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Mr Peter was shocked to be invited by the Deputy Inspector General of Police [DIG] Criminal Intelligence and Investigation department, the overall head of Chike, Attah and the team investigating the matters. Present at the meeting were Professor Elias, Bale Orinyanrin- Kayode, Alfa Akewula, Gbayi Maffe, Kehinde Lasisi, Mr Aliu A. Egunjimi and Sikiru O. Egunjimi, Chike and Attah. During the interrogation by the DIG, it was obvious that Professor Elias was the person dictating the fate of Mr Peter and our clients. We were shocked when the DIG resolved that Bale Orinyanrin- Kayode, Alfa Akewula, Gbayi Maffe, Kehinde Lasisi should find and relocate Mr Peter to another 3 Acres of land and give the 3 Acres of Land [subject matter of Mr Peter’s dispute] to Professor Elias as compensation because he is the financier of the people of Oriyinyan, Jabaar and his cohorts. Immediately, Mr Aliu A. Egunjimi and Sikiru O. Egunjimi refused and stated that they have lawfully sold their family land to Mr Peter and they are not willing to give their father’s property to Professor Elias as compensation. More so they are not in support of all the atrocities been encouraged by Professor Elias in the community and they are not beneficiary of his criminal activities at Orinyanrin.  

In an effort to exonerate Jabaar Imam and his team from the offence committed, Attah and Chike substituted Mr Aliu A. Egunjimi and Sikiru O. Egunjimi for Jabaar Imam and his team accusing the duo of the murder of Suliaman and Salami. Also, in a desperate move to exculpate their alleged paymaster over the allegation of Murder and land grabbing, these officers merged the cases of Land grabbing and the Murders together. An event that happened between different communities, different parties, different dates and different time were criminally fused together. Due to the fact that Mr Aliu A. Egunjimi and Sikiru O. Egunjimi refused to donate their property to Professor Elias as suggested by DIG, Bale Orinyanrin- Kayode, Alfa Akewula, Gbayi Maffe, Kehinde Lasisi. Chike and Attah substituted them [Mr Aliu A. Egunjimi and Sikiru O. Egunjimi] with the real murderers under the watchful eyes of our almighty DIG. What a pathetic turn of event!

Surprisingly, instead of transferring the case file back to Lagos as instructed by the IGP, Chike and Attah held on to the file with the connivance of some elements of the highest ranking in the force. It was not a mere coincident that the DPO of Akodo, SP Ayeni Sunday was transferred away from the division on Friday the 11th day of August, 2017 in a frantic attempt to conceal the already well mapped out evil plan which is to follow. It would be recalled that this same DPO was the first officer to investigate this matter, he was also present at all the peace talk organized at the Local Government, he was at all material time present at the office of the Commissioner of Police, Lagos state. This DPO can be regarded as the best authority as regards investigation of this matter.

On Tuesday the 14th day of August, 2017 the result of the grand conspiracy, corruption, subversion of justice and wickedness in the highest order was evidence in court when Attah and his team brought only 5 persons to court alleging they were the suspect of the crisis committed in the community. Those arraigned were: [1] Segun Salami, [2] Samsom Abimbola, [3] Sikiru Egunjemi, [4] Aliu Egunjemi and [5] Jimoh Ogunnupe. Find attached the Charge sheet preferred against them and marked as annexure “H”. There were wailing and crying outside the court room for the injustice that has been done to Ilagbo community, the innocent persons substituted for the real culprit and the memories of the duo that were murdered in cold blood.

The 3rd and 4th [Mr Sikiru Ogunniyi Egunjimi and Mr Aliu Agunrege Egunjii] defendants who sold their land to Mr Peter wherein some criminals from orinyarin chased them and the purchaser away that necessitated a petition to CP were heartlessly charged and arraigned for the Arson and Murder of the deceased. Interestingly, the 1st Defendant is the biological son of the deceased, Musiliu Salami. It is shameful for some men of the police to conclude their investigation by portraying in a riotous crisis between two communities, that one of the members of the same communities killed one another [reinventing the story of Jehoshaphat in the bible] and after killing one another; they thereafter went on a reprisal attack on the next community to burn down houses. Such investigation carried out is prima facie tinted with anomalies and can be said to be incredulous.

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It is worthy of note that none of the major culprits arrested by the Akodo Police station were arraigned. Instead, the son of the deceased and two of his relatives that were oblivious of the matter were arraigned. Also, the two complainants who wrote a petition to the CP on the issue about land grabbers’ activities on their land were arraigned alongside with the relatives of the deceased.

Flowing from the above, the pertinent questions on the mind of average members of the affected community at the moment are; yet again will Jabbar Imam and his cohorts be let off the hook by this same investigation team from Abuja? Are there no other investigative personnel that can handle investigations of the homicide? Why must all local matters be transferred to Abuja? Assuming without conceding that Ilagbo youths are responsible for the Arson and the unreported death of two persons in orinyanrin. Which community or persons is then responsible for the death of Sulaiman and Salami from Ilagbo? Can Ilagbo youths kill themselves in a riotous circumstance involving two communities when there is no record of rift among them? Why is no one from Orinyanrin arraigned for the death of these duo?

It is quite obvious that these officers allegedly conspired and were in agreement with the culprits in their ploy to cover-up the murder of the hapless persons. They had heartlessly gone ahead to arrest other innocent people mentioned above and deliberately put the label of murderer on them in sheer desperation to circumvent justice at all cost. We are fully persuaded that God has put your good self in that office at a time like this in order to rid the Police Force of undeserving elements who have evidently sold their souls to the devil and have therefore become a recurring menace [unfit] to the Force of your dream and catastrophic to the society in general.

The members of the communities now live in justifiable fear of a possible reprisal attack because of the level of injustice done to members of the community and families of the deceased. A town that had experienced peace since Jaafar Imam and his team were arrested has now been thrown into trepidation which is the consequences of the action of few alleged corrupts officers of the Nigerian police. As we write to you, there is looming crisis within the communities and we strongly advice that trustworthy men of the Nigerian Police Force should be deployed to these two communities to averse the impending crisis. Families have been relocating out of the communities. The main culprit that pulled the trigger which killed Muiliu Salami in cold blood was not arraigned; the man that stabbed Suleiman Olaleye Akeusola was not arraigned but now being released from custody. To avert the looming crisis, there is an urgent need the intervention of capable security personnel to bring lasting peace to the communities.

We humbly and passionately demand the following:

1 That your good office deploy capable and trusted team to the communities to prevent the looming crisis that is the concomitance of the actions of these corrupt officers.

2 That the Force CIID, Area 10 team be dissolved for their repeated miscarriage of justice and the shame they have brought to the image of the Nigeria Police.

3 That the hurriedly filed charges against the five [5] innocent persons pending before Magistrate Awoyele Oshin of Igbosere Magistrate Court 1 be withdrawn and proper investigation carried out.

4 That you use your good office to swiftly look into the gruesome murder of Salami Musili and Suliaman Akeushola and the case of Arson committed in orinyarin.

5 That the case of land grabbing reported by Mr Peter, Mr Aliu Agunrege Egunjii and Mr Sikiru Ogunniyi Egunjimi be revisited and investigated appropriately. It’s a different and distinct matter from the case of Murder and Arson.

6 That a fresh investigation be carried out in the Murder of Mr Tijani Kabiru Olawale’s arbitrarily closed and the culprit be made to face the law.

7 That your office ensures justice is done, as this is the only recipe for lasting peace in the two communities and restore confidence in the heart of the indigenes of the communities.

It is our stern believe that if all the officers that have worked on these two cases are called upon to remit their case files and proper investigation is carried out, it will unveil all the anomalies committed by members of Orinyarin community with the connivance of some element under the Nigeria police force.  Kindly find below the officers and departments that have investigated the two matters.

Reported case of murders and Arson was investigated by:

SP Ayeni Sunday from Akodo Police Station

Sergeant Agbabiaka Michael from Akodo Police Station

O/C Fatai Tijani from D4 Homicide Section, Panti

D/C Bolaji Salami from D4 Homicide Section, Panti

ASP Simeon

Inspector Ali Mike

Reported case of Land Grabbing was investigated by:

Inspector Bello of D9 Section of State Anti-Robbery

We have deemed it proper to channel our demands to you because we identify with your lofty goals and pursuit aimed towards the reformation of the Nigerian Police Force since your assumption as the Inspector General of Police and ensuring our nation is rid of criminal elements who intend to make this nation ungovernable.

Do accept the best of our professional regards as we hope to hear from you shortly.

Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,

For: Deed Solicitors.

 Sadiku Ibitayo Esq.

[Managing Partner]

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