Law Students’ Challenge: “Why I Love My Dean” – Sani Abdullahi Special

Abdullahi Sani Special

The Distinguishing factor that differentiates and defines an individual is his proven integrity! And the truest test of Integrity is its resistance to be compromised.

According to an online dictionary, a Dean is a senior official in a College or University, who may be in charge of a Division or Faculty. But according to me, the Dean of my Faculty Dr. MD Mahmud is a Citadel of our generation that possess a good reputation, he is an Erudite, Genius, Proactive, Good Samaritan, An Honest, Discipline, Mentor, Role Model, Corruption Crusader  and the above all, Competent

The one man standing has all it takes to lead because the best judgment of a Human is by his Conduct and Conscience. The judgment of people is a summary  judgment to the creator, the costly item in life is an Integrity which cannot be bought rather than gained then possessed! when such is achieved the principle of respect is balanced.

Respect is on the basis of Command not Demand If you command it you don’t need to demand for it. Ina Gwanin Wani Ganawa!? Sai Baba MD.

An  alumnus of the most peaceful University in Nigeria, the  seat of a Caliphate born Lawyer, a learned in common and Islamic law, a lawyer who marries a lawyer, an Orator, an Activist, A Crowd Puller and an Extraordinary Lecturer.

Why always Muawiya Dahiru Mahmud? The answer is not farfetched! he is a kind  always willing to serve not to be served, to give not to collect, to  lead not to rule,  to assists not to  deceive, to solve not to dissolve, he is on progressive mission, he advocates for progress, forwardness and prosperity if there is anything to go by what he stands for, the Faculty of law UDUS will in the nearest future stand tall among its counterparts in Nigeria and the world at large simply because” present is not an assurance of the future but an indication”.

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Money and education are tools to gaining Fame, Reputation and  Integrity  if Utilized effectively the man standing does not leave any stone unturned, he capitalizes on the characters supra not for his personal gains rather for the masses, he never Mortgaged the conscience of his subjects,  in fact he is 24/7 available for his students.

The MD Mahmud i know is Jovial, Friendly and  Accommodative  he interacts with students without barrier, neither  discrimination against Ethnicity nor Religion! he is being spoken well and love by his colleagues.

The best Legacy to be left is Honest the most expensive item is Integrity “Reputation can be built for 100 years but it can be dented/smeared within a Minute

Allah’s Protection and guidance is all i beseech for you Dr. MD Mahmud
“A flock of Ships being  led by a Lion will defeat a flock of lions being led by a ship”

Name: Sani Abdullahi Special

School:Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto



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