Law Students’ Challenge: “Why I Love My Dean” -Peter N Komiti

Peter Nyeronvwo Komiti

“When is the competition?” He asked with the curiosity of a schoolboy who is over prepared for his exams. “Tomorrow sir”, we replied. “The issue I have with you people is that you keep important things like this to yourself till the last minutes,so where do you want us to get money from, “we are sorry sir, the administrators promised to be responsible financially, only to renege from the promise yesterday” ” as it stands now, I can’t promise you anything from the school, I will however send you people something personally. ”  Thanks sir” with each of us taking a German bow to show appreciations for his kindness, as we gleefully leave the Dean’s office, Prof. Inegbedion who has just promise to support us financially.

Prior to this opportunity of being a beneficiary of Prof.Inegbedion’s kindness, he had been one of my best lecturer in the faculty, starting from our constitutional law classes, where he did not only show himself to be a constitutional law expert, but also as a human right lawyer, with his pious  attention on Chapter Four of the 1999 constitution. Thus with my experience in his office that day, I could not but conclude that aside being a law teacher, Prof.Inegbedion is also a philanthropist.

I love my Dean because he is a vision of exemplary leadership, an epitome of wisdom, discipline and humility. That reminds me of one of his classes which was scheduled to hold by 8.00am, those days when the whether was cold and you don’t feel like coming out for any business, those of us students who think along this line arrived the class some minute past eight, only to find Prof. already in the class teaching,though he allowed us to enter after some minutes, we however  got to know that Prof. has gotten to the class that day around 7.30am waiting for students.

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What endeared many students to him is how one man could be a complete neat package of a good lawyer, a good lecturer and a good leader. He teaches with all enthusiasm.He is one of the best lawyer around, a former NBA chairman, and all of this does not stop him from providing the faculty of law with incomparable leadership insights. Prof. Inegbedion is a phenomenon,an institution on his own, who is passionately building a legendary legacy in the legal profession.

There are certain happenings in ones life as a law student that help one to determine whether to become a practicing lawyer or not, this particular competition was one of such for me, with all the effort put into it, the judges whimsically rob us of our victory by gendering the result, as I find my way back home in my agony, I started thinking,” maybe court appearance is not my thing, maybe I should consider becoming a lecturer like Prof. Inegbedion”, because I love my Dean.

Name: Peter Nyeronvwo Komiti

School: University of Benin

Level: 400


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