From A Loved One to A New Wig; Beautiful Nafisat!


    A very heartwarming ode to Beautiful Nafisat Lasisi Yetunde who was called to bar on Wednesday, 12th December, 2017 from a person who prefers to be called “Her loved one”.

    Here is to you, Beautiful Nafisat with lots of love from “Your Loved one”!

    The old you, A new Wig, 

    Wig that couldn’t fit anyone better

    Better than You

    You light up my World

    World brighter than your skin

    Skin that glows like the stars at night

    Nights that became sleepless

    Sleepless to achieve your dreams

    Dreams; they say comes true

    Truly, no doubt about that

    That the wig could fit no one but You

    You made Us Proud

    Proud to be your parents, siblings, friends, family so am I

    I can’t wait to see you dressed all up in your black and white with your wig to justify

    Just to defend the helpless

    Helpless people lying all over the World

    World filled with (black and white) truth and falsehood

    Falsehood that must be fought against

    Against all odds, our love remains

    Remains one that would be told to the World

    World that birthed You

    You, A New Wig

    Congratulations! We wish you all the very best in the profession!






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