‘How I Made Double First Class in law’ – Lawal Kazeem

    Kazeem Lawal

    Lawal Kazeem made a First Class in Law from the Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State in 2016. He repeated the feat at the Nigerian Law School this year, making him the second AAUA graduand to make a First Class at the university and Law School. He shares his story with ROBERT EGBE.


    I come from a family of six; four females and two males, and I am the last born of the family. My father (now deceased) was a driver and my mother a
    petty trader. Growing up was a bit of fun for me, because, even though my parents were not rich, I vividly remember that I usually play around with my friends subject, however, to having done my assignments.


    My academic sojourn started at Shadow of Almighty Nursery and Primary School in Ajara, Badagry. I thereafter proceeded to Ajara Grammar School for my secondary school education. I was admitted to study law at Adekunle Ajasin University and graduated in 2016. I proceeded immediately to the Nigerian Law School (Kano Campus) and graduated this year.

    Choice of AAUA

    To be candid, prior to choosing Adekunle Ajasin University, I didn’t know anything about the school apart from the fact that my elder brother was there studying Political Science. It was he who eventually influenced my choice of AAUA. I never had any problem with getting admitted to the school, because AAUA’s admission process is transparent; all I did was study hard, met the required cut-off mark for admission to law, and I got admitted. From my first year, I realised that AAUA was perfect for me; the school’s up-to-date library, brilliant and dedicated lecturers, conducive learning environment and affordable tuition fees, etc made learning so interesting and fun.

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    Making a First Class

    Making a first class was a deliberate pursuit. I was determined from 100 level to make a first class and I started having a first class CGPA from 100 level, specifically 4.56. However, some people told me it was not possible because no student had ever archived such feat in AAUA Faculty of Law. But in 2012, when Mr. Opeyemi Longe blazed the trail, his achievement inspired me and further strengthened my confidence and raised my hope. Hence, I resolved that if he could do it, so could I, and I eventually made it.

    Law School feat

    My next target was the Nigeria Law School and I was prepared for it.  Expectations were high and everyone was simply waiting for me to replicate what I had in AAUA at the Nigerian Law School. I remember vividly that before my final examination at AAUA, one of my lecturers, Mr. Ayeni specifically told me: “Kazeem you should be thinking of a First Class at the Nigerian Law School”. Besides, the quality of legal training I received at AAUA greatly helped me at the law school. AAUA has the best curriculum and learning environment. For instance, at AAUA Faculty of Law, all examinations are completed within one week which is the same at the law school. Also there were two unique courses I did that were of help at the law school; Practical Law and Clinical Law. The aforementioned courses exposed me to the practical aspects of law, especially draftings.

    How I got funds for my fees

    Funding my university education was not much of a difficulty because apart from the fact that tuition was affordable at AAUA, I really enjoyed the grace of Almighty Allah. I had very supportive family and friends. The Daramola family of Iwaro Oka took great care of me during my undergraduate days.

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    I did find it it difficult funding my law school, but this was overcome with the help of my family members, the Dean, Faculty of Law, of Adekunle Ajasin University, Prof. E.A Taiwo, the Sub-dean Dr. M.C Ogwezzy, Mr. Adebayo Ojo Of Adebayo and Gbadamosi Legal Practitioners in Ibadan, my big Uncle, Mr. Yinka Fadayomi, Mr. Adekunle Adeyeye;  all these great persons and others that I cannot readily remember made my one year mandatory professional training at the law school a reality.

    Dating, distractions

    I was not in any relationship at the university and the Nigerian Law School, and it was of great assistance to me because I had no emotional issues to deal with.Yes, there were distractions, but all I did was to choose those forms of ‘distractions’ that further helped me, and I participated less in social activities.


    Although I cannot deny the fact that so many things motivated me such as the need to demystify law and to be an authority in my chosen field, I am largely self-motivated.

    Role models in the profession

    I have quite a number of them but I will mention just a  few, namely; Prof. E.A. Taiwo, Prof. Koyinsola Ajayi (SAN), Dr. M.C. Ogwezzy, Mr. Adebayo Ojo, and Mr. Kazeem Gbadamosi.

    Low times

    Yes, I had two specifically. The first was when I lost my loving father in 2008 and the second was in 300 level when I had the worst CGPA; 4.32.

    The future

    My plan is to be an authority in my chosen field through research, active practice and to also continue my legal education. Insha Allah, I am planning to undertake my Masters and Doctorial studies at Cambridge University, United Kingdom

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