Man Impregnates Wife While their Divorce is Ongoing


Wonders shall never end, so you were called up in court with your wife for the continued hearing of your divorce case that is pending over a year ago and she came out pregnant AND the pregnancy is yours! OK, una don reconcile?? You said no, no man can live with her! You still want to divorce her!

You wan divorce her because you are cannot live with her but you are/can and is still doing jigijigi to her weeweechuuu??? Why naa??

Ngwa! You say its the work of the devil. What a good devil that must be. He deserves a bottle!

So the two of both of you yaf put my colleagues busy at each other, filing papers and calling each other names in court while una yaf been entering in the inside thi other room to do jigijigi on top weeweechuu???

Wetin fit u is it not to kolet better money from u hand and file a notice of withdrawal in this suit???

Yes nau! So that the good devil that stuck your jigijigi inside weeweechuu shall stick una two inside the marriage! Mgbo…mgbo…..pia…pia…..


Stolen from: Bethel Onyekwere!!!!!

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