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Nwaoboli Onyinye Precious winner of the July Social media challenge wrote to DNL Legal & Style:

Firstly I want to thank God for by his grace I emerged winner. My appreciation also goes to DNL  legal and styles for giving me this rare opportunity to participate in the law students social media challenge “July edition.”  My friends, family, and well-wishers thanks for your votes and may God bless you richly.

To my opponents don’t be discouraged, keep trying until you get there.

I would like to briefly address the criticisms by opponents from other universities who alleged that I used dubious  means to get shares for my entry. I wish to say categorically that it was determination and hardwork and nothing more.

My dear colleagues, my essay was published on the 11th day of July and I knew there was a lot of work to be done on my part bearing in mind that there were other participants who have been published before me who had so many shares already. I was not discouraged. I  believed in myself and said ” I CAN DO THIS ” From that very day I started working on my shares, I talked to friends, families, course mates, church members etc. I shared the link to them and made sure they liked and shared the essay. I shared to as many as I could and begged that the sharing continued I was so determined, but  it took virtually most of my time.

Been online and sharing the essay was not an easy task. I was online practically 24 hours, disturbing friends to share and like my essay. I stayed up late at night and often retired to bed by 2:00am. I never relented though balancing my academics and online sharing wasn’t easy but I made sure I grew my numbers.

It was very disheartening for me to have read derogatory statements(comments) alleging that I was manipulating the share botton. How was that possible? I laughed and said ” if only they knew what I was going through trying to make sure I meet up to their shares and increase my chances of winning “. Not to bore you with my stories, I sum it up by saying I never used dubious means in getting my shares neither were there ghost sharers as my opponents so claim. I don’t even have a laptop not to talk of being a computer wizard that knows everything about computers. I devoted my time to making sure I win and aimed for the best. As a law student, learning process is not limited ” if you don’t know how, ask how” getting 7000 plus shares and 270+ likes wasn’t by dubious means but sheer hardwork. In life one must be determined and learn not to give up the struggle for success

Thanks once more. Believe in yourself and above all believe in your creator. In every competition there is always a winner. If you don’t win today it might be your turn tomorrow.


Nwaoboli. o. Precious

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