On the March to 2018 NBA Election – PAU Goes to School

Paul Usoro SAN
“Currently I am attending an executive finance program at Columbia Business School, Columbia University, New York. The program gives grounding on finances which is critical for running organizations including the NBA and law firms.
Life is all about learning. Do have a lovely day.”
The quote above is the recent update from Paul Usoro, SAN (a prospective aspirant to the post of the NBA President). While I appreciate the freedom of the Learned Silk to post whatever he pleases on his timeline, I am worried as to the intentions of the post. I am more worried as to whether the intentions would be achieved by the post.
Surely life is all about learning. The moment a man stop learning, then he stops existing. Hence, the need for learning cannot be over emphasised. The issue here is, what kind of learning and for what purpose? “The program gives grounding on finances which is critical for running organizations including the NBA and law firms”, this is an indicator to the intentions of the Learned Silk.
I am sure learned minds would not mind the Senior Advocate attending a finance program for the purpose of running PUC. There is in fact no need for that because PUC is a successful firm in all ramifications. I am also sure that learned minds would not mind PAU attending finance program to run organizations. The one that would (or has) raised concern is “attending finance program to run the NBA”.
Would PAU be running for the post of the Treasurer? Does PAU intend to meddle with the financial structure of the NBA? Does PAU intend to usurp the powers of the Treasurer in his/her constitutional duties? Is the issue of finance the core reason PAU is seeking a post in NBA? Is finance the core problem of the NBA which requires immediate training for prospective NBA office holders? How many more training would PAU attend to be adequately prepared for the post he seeks?
I suspect all PAU’s social media platforms are not personally handled by him. If my assumption is correct, the handlers need intensive training on “political strategies”.
Thank God a Professor may be in the race with PAU… The decision may not be that difficult after all.
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