My 5 Striking Pictures as a Law Student – Sani Abdullahi #LSSMC


There is a popular saying “A journey of a thousands miles begins with a step” gaining admission to study law is the happiest event that stick to my mind always whenever am addressed as Barrister by my lay and learning  friends. Though the journey from the inception of my dream career and its accomplishment middle way has been rough and rigorous and there exist a soft and hard materials that always define my life as a law student from the beginning to the  present of my stay in the University;

 What tells orphans about their late parents without ever meeting them physically is what tells about my sojourn  as a law student also.

  Traditionally in my school, we only offer two courses in 100 level ( Legal Method & Application of Islamic Law)from our faculty while the rests of the courses are borrowed from other disciplines and this had made me met  a lots of friends from different area of discipline in the university, their perception about law students, their envious towards us, the high degree of esteem, the superior complex and the ease method to  approach any girl on campus and have your way being a law student has a lots of citadel on and off campus.

The Major events that stick to my memory as a law student are many ranging from Matriculation, Orientation, Class activities, Law Rally, Law Dinner,  Moot trial, Birthday, Debate Exhibition and Oratory Contest.

 All the curricular and extracurriculars activities worth remembering but for the sake of the order of limitation of five(5)pictures by the organisers, the following  five will depicts my most  memorable events as a law student:

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1 The moot court trial where i appeared for the plaintiff along with my principal partner and a mentor, such remains a reminiscent event in my memory.

2 The second striking picture depicts the  law students going round the university permanent & temporary site featuring me in Shoki style

3 The  honourable and most reminiscent event depicts the good looking gentlemen & gentlemen in skirt  in a Law Dinner @ Dan-Kani Guest in Sokoto.

4 Unarguably the born day remain the most memorable & most reminiscent event with a striking smile.

5 Traditionally in my school Friday appears to be who & who in Arewa dress style and am never left behind in the defining pictures of one stays in the university.

My striking pictures say a lot about me and they remain my pleasure time busy watching memory while alone hale & heart and such will be reflected after graduation or demise! be hold to them in good memory & faith.

Name: Sani Abdullahi Special (SAS).

Institution: Usmanu Danfodiyo Univrrsity, Sokoto.


Level: 300

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