Naziru Kafinga Esq. Derobed for Withholding Client’s Money

Members of the Disciplinary Committee

The Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee (LPDC) on July 5, 2017 in Abuja, derobed one, a Kano based Legal Practitioner for withholding N50,000 belonging to his client.

The Kano based lawyer received the sum of N200,000 for his client, and instead of giving his client the complete sum, he only gave N150,000 of the sum thereby withholding the total sum of N50,000.

The matter was reported to the Chairman of the Kano Branch who then gave directives that the said Naziru should refund the remaining N50,000.

However, Naziru, vehemently refused to do so despite the directives given. The Chairman then proceeded to report the matter to the NBA national body.

The NBA then wrote to him informing him about the allegation leveled against him, however, he failed to give a reply to the letter sent to him by the NBA.

Thus, the matter was referred to the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee.

LPDC thereafter served him the necessary processes through the branch secretary which was received and signed by Naziru.

However despite signing the processes, he still failed appearing before the committee to answer the complaint.

The committee subsequently served him by means of a substituted service but all to no avail as the said Naziru failed to comply. The Committee was therefore left with no option than to give its verdict.

The committee while giving its verdict invoked Rule 1 and 14 of the Rules of Professional Conduct, stating that Kafinga Naziru conduct was nefarious by withholding the money of his client after several demands to refund same, and that his act is such that would bring disrepute to the Association.

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The committee further gave an order directing the Chief Registrar of the Supreme Court to remove Kafinga’s name from the roll of legal practitioners.


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