NBA 2018 Election: Do Not Underestimate the Power of Social Media #EarlyWarnings

As the year comes to an end, so many things are being concluded. Corporate Accounts are being reconciled, 2017 set targets are being reviewed, 2017 achievements are being chronicled, end of the year parties are being planned, the various “bests” in organizations and institutions are getting ready for their awards. Everyone is getting ready for 2018 in their own styles.
For the NBA, 2018 is an election year. It is a deciding year in many regards. Let’s not go into the uniqueness of the year yet, we would do that very early in 2018. What is however important is that while a lot of legal practitioners would take time off to rest from the hustle of the year, the gladiators who would be going to the NBA Polls in 2018 would be busy strategizing. I have a penny for them though.
I had said earlier that the forthcoming election would be issue based. It would involve serious and constructive engagement with members of the bar. It would not be an election that would be won on favoritism, tribalism, sentiments, class or status. IT WOULD BE WON ON ISSUES AND IDEOLOGIES. This is not the penny I intend to give. This taken for granted. If there is any of the contenders who has not internalized this, then the person is surely not interested in the race.
Here is my penny. One factor which would decide the winner of the 2018 NBA Race is social media engagement. I do not need to say too much. The aspirant should go and recruit social media strategist who would lead their campaign. This advise is for those who are serious for the job.
You don’t need a social media bully, you dont need a social media freight, you need serious social media strategist.
While you are at that, you may begin to analyze the success of #EndSARS. This would effectively propel you into the new year.
I am interested in arraying the nuances of the forthcoming NBA Election. I shall make sure you enjoy every bit of the events as they unfold. My name? I shall reveal it when all my prophesies have come to pass. Stay Glued!
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