NBA 2018 Election: The Political Permutations and “Whatsapp Group” Alliances

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There has been a lot of calm in the camp of all the political gladiators who have secretly indicated their interest in the 2018 NBA Election. This is indeed a good development. Prior to the recent calm, the polity was already getting heated prematurely. Was there a subtle threat from NBA? Did the “gladiators” call their foot soldiers to order?  Whatever happened behind the scene which led to this long awaited calm must be commended.

It would appear that the “Bar Politicians” have secured the services of “whatsapp” to foster their political permutations. The essence of the whatsapp Groups (Not that there is any known objective though) is to congregate the potential supporters of the candidate in whose honour the group was formed. What is very worrisome is whether the various groups have been able to live up to their expectations.

Most of the whatsapp groups do everything but strategize on winning election for their candidates.  Perhaps because they say the time is not yet ripe or it may just be the case that the time may never ripe. A lot of the groups have become dumping ground for media outfits especially bloggers who compete with almost the same news to the irritation of the occupants of the groups sometimes. (well I couldn’t complain much. Sometimes they give relevant information). Some have become a ghost of themselves with little or no activities, while for some; the whatsapp group has provided platforms for antagonizing political opponents rather than promote theirs. What is however not clear is whether these political aspirants sincerely intend that these Whatsapp groups form the base for their campaigns?

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A cursory look through all the whatsapp groups also clearly shows that you find almost the same set of people in the group. You find a situation where over half of the members of the political whatsapp group cut across other existing groups. For example, I belong to about three of such whatsapp groups though as a bystander. I know others who have political alignment but who deliberately are also in all the groups for reasons very obvious. One then begins to wonder if there has been a sudden infiltration of political prostitutes into the NBA Politics.

In the whole of these, there are a few advise for both the Honourees of the whatsapp group (Political Aspirants) and the members of the whatsapp groups (voters). For the Honourees, I would give my one penny advise; please be mindful of the extent of importance you attach to the strength of your group. Some people are actually there to just fill spaces. You also need to be mindful of the kind of strategic discussions you have on those platforms, you surely do not want to create a free ride for your political opponent right there in your group.

For the members of the whatsapp groups (voters), please enjoy the comradeship of the politicians while it last. Whether or not you would have a say in the emergence of the host of the platform where you presently flex some political muscle would only be determined by time.

I am interested in arraying the nuances of the forthcoming NBA Election. I shall make sure you enjoy every bit of the events as they unfold. My name? I shall reveal it when all my prophesies have come to pass. Welcome on board!

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