NBA 2018 General Elections – MAO and the Unnecessary Exposures

A.B Mahmoud SAN and Mazi Afam Osigwe

“These debts which were owed contractors at the commencement of AB Mahmoud administration have not been paid despite huge receipts from Annual Practicing Fees paid by lawyers as well as from many other sources. The current administration which claims it cannot pay branches their 10% share of the practicing fees blew over N1.3BN on the 2017 Annual General Conference. From available records no AGC has ever cost up to N300M. 

In fact the administration which claims it cannot pay branches because of the “lack of funds and huge debts” left for it by the Alegeh administration spends millions of Naira every month on Hotel bill and travel expenses. Some put travel expenses at about N30M per month. Not to be left out are the huge fees paid to the President’s retinue of aides and advisers whose salary is more than than (sic) the monthly salaries of all members of staff of NBA. One is not in doubt that with better management of funds and resources the present administration could have since paid branches their entitlements.

Alegeh completed the building of the new NBA Secretariat and increased payment for branches from 10% to 20%. The current administration should show its scorecard in reinvesting monies received from lawyers since it came into office rather than blaming others for its inability and or failure to do (sic) pay branches their entitlements. There is no doubt the money owed banks could have been paid if this administration had cut down on foreign trips, perks of office, patronage and unregulated expenses by some officials and appointees.”

The above statements were part of the direct response of Mazi Afam Osigwe (Life Bencher) to the reported allegation made by the A. B. Mahmoud (SAN). AB had reportedly attributed the inability of his administration to pay monies due to the NBA Branches to “lack of funds and high debt profile” inherited from the Augustine Alegeh’s (SAN) administration.

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To put it mildly, the response of Mazi is daring. Amongst other implications, those statements have questioned the success of AB’s administration. They question the usefulness of the international strides achieved by AB. They question the audacity of AB to organize the generally adjudged best NBA Conference ever organized in the history of the NBA.

Mazi, I am not going to attempt a critic of your statements. Surely, you may speak the mind of several legal minds who may share your sentiments about AB. I am also not going to attempt a defence for AB, he is well endowed to do just that (even though I consider it unnecessary). My only thoughts presently are the political implications of these “arsenals” to your ambitions.

First I cannot begin to school you on politics, verily, you are a master of the art. I only wonder why you have to assume the role of the sole defender of Alegeh’s administration. The “statements of truth” you have made in defence of the administration you served in could have been made by several other people in that administration who have nothing at stake in the coming political exercise. That statement could have been signed off by Learned Silk, Augustine Alegeh SAN himself. It could have been signed off by the Publicity Secretary of that administration. In actual fact, that statement ought to be the exclusive preserve of the Treasurer of the past administration. Why bother yourself with financials?

I have said at a different time and I am sure you agree with me that it takes extra strategies to confront an incumbent in a contest for the post occupied. Where those confrontations may be excused, it is the best way to go politically.

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The good thing about Mazi’s statement is that it has provided some “expo” into his manifesto should he eventually settle down to run for the NBA Presidency.

Manifesto 1.

My administration would organize a cost effective Conference. It needs not be world class (who world class hep?)

Manifesto 2.

As a grassroot Bar Man, my administration would increase the payments to branches from 20% to 50%. After all the branches are closer to lawyers than the National.

Manifesto 3.

My administration would not engage in any foreign trip (whether UK or Iraq Mission). We don’t need any foreign Bar.


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