NBA-AGC: Conferees to Register for Comprehensive Health Screening

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In line with our earlier publication, Tristate Cardiovascular Associate Limited will conduct free daily comprehensive health screening service, health counseling, and other discounted fee-for service test, for conference participants during the period of the conference. Below is a detailed analysis of the services that will be provided.

Free Health counselling and screening:

Body Mass Index (BMI), Urinalysis, Blood glucose and Blood Pressure;
Full Cardiac investigations [General and Cardiac Consultations];
Sleep Disorder Clinic;
Laboratory investigations and Pharmacy services.

Emergency Services: During the entire conference, Tristate will have its emergency station on site and would attend to incidences that require urgent attention including the following:

1 Cardiac Arrest

2  Seizure

3 Anaphylactic shock

4 Food poisoning

5 Superficial wounds

6 Lacerations requiring minor suturing

7 Asthma attack/severe wheezing

8 Hypoglycaemic coma

9 Fainting (vaso-vagal)

10 Cerebrovascular accident (CVA)

NOTE: These services will only be available to pre-registered delegates. For the pre – registration process, kindly visit the NBA Annual General Conference website on

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