Why I Want to Attend the 2017 NBA AGC – Nnaji Christiana Eberechukwu

Nnaji Christiana Eberechukwu

The following are the reasons why I must attend the forth coming 2017 NBA Conference :

First Experience : Having been recently called and admitted into the legal profession on 29th day of November 2016, the 2017 Conference will be my very first. Have heard so much about it and it is an experience I have waited to have all my life. At least this time, I will not just read about it in the national dailies.

Fulfillment of Rule 11 of the Rules of Professional Conduct for Legal Practitioner 2007:

Attending this Conference for me would enable me to take part in the mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD)  programme as envisaged by the Rule.

Meeting Face to Face with Greatness:

Seeing that the Conference will be filled with some of the finest brains and brightest minds the nation has both as speakers and members of the bar, some of whom I have only but met in my head and have even tagged mentors without their knowledge, being in the same room with them and maybe having to hear them, this time not over some television set would feel like standing face to face with greatness and an inspiration to become a better me in the profession.

Networking Opportuinity :

For a young lawyer like myself, the conference will offer me an opportuinity to meet, interact, network with other lawyers (young and old). This will also mean getting to share ideas and initiatives that will propel us towards becoming a brave new bar.

Keeping Pace with a Profession that has been Digitalised:

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The Nigeria Bar Association in its wisdom has decided it would give the registered conference attendees a tablet equipped with all the legal tools a lawyer can think of having in the 21st centuary, this could launch a young lawyer like myself into whole new world where legal research and writing would be fast and time gained.

These are some of the reasons why I would like to attend the August 25th through 31st 2017 NBA Conference in Lagos.

Nnaji Christiana Eberechukwu 

NBA Branch: Benin City 

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